The "Rapstoration" - Elder "O"





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Published on Nov 25, 2013


Our message goes something like this. God is our Father and we are all his kids. He loves everyone of us, every child is His. He promises us happiness when we live righteous, but only through Christ can we live in God's presence. Cuz nobodys perfect and we're all unclean. Christ made it possible to return to Him. Through his sufferin' in Gethesemene we can live again with our Families. The most important social unit on this life and earth. A families love for each other is not of money's worth. but its much deeper than that! it's a place to learn and grow. The best place to apply the Gospel Principles! A Picture perfect moment, "SNAP" go get the Kodiak! Go get the family together will play some games you know that, these are the best times of your life and no electronic device is near as nice and its all thanks to Christ! We can endevour together forever and ever and never be withered away because a family that "Prays together; eternally stays forever never to be carried astray." because we know that whats bound on earth shall be bound in heaven whether you got 4 kids no kids or even seven it don't matter where you at in your life, repent of your sins and you can be sealed to your wife! Not til death do you part but thats just where it starts a restart to the love that you feel in your heart and its forever...forever ever...forever ever..
and i ain't playing around after we're barried in the ground we become resurrected! "Families are Forever" put's a whole new perspective on the way that you be living your life so lets start choosing the right..Eternities with our Families!

Chorus- Eternity with our Family! 2x

Eternities with our families! and thats a nice thought!
but it ain't mean nothing if it ain't Christ taught!
So raise your family up in this Gospel and be forever because that's God's Goal
God sends His prophets to lead the families. From noah, abraham, moses, who split the red sea. God reveals his secret to em' in "Amos 3" and people who deny fall into APOSTASY (haha i know i mispelled it on the video, my bad) but outta god's love he ain't goin leave us lonely! without direction he gon' send his "homie!" Isiah, Jerimiah prophesying of the messiah from higher the one and only the prince of peace! and so the role of a prophet is so crusial! they lead and guide us and tell us what we can do so! We can live up with our families eternally all you gotta do is live worthily!


Now let me take you back to the day. When Christ used to say "one Lord one faith one bapitism!" kay? He orginized a church, so we won't fall astray and called 12 apostles to help lead the way. And to spread his Gospel and Preach to us so. We know His plan home, got priesthood handled. But people denied Christ, addicted to lime light, and sticking with "im right" they were blinded by His light! They straight up changed EVERYTHANG! kill Christ the Apostles the prophets in everyland! So now men teach the Bible of what the understand! contridicting themselves and Christ Doctrine! and now im so confused! with so many churches which one to choose??? well let me tell you bout Joseph Smith who had the same questions that I did!
Joseph smith was reading in James 1:5 if any of you lack wisdom let him ask God! and God will give to liberally so Joseph smith did what James said literally. and went to a sacred grove where he poured the questions of his soul asking the father which way should his family go! little did know God had a work for Joe. He had an experience that he shared like so....
I saw a pillar of light exactly over my head. which desceded upon me I saw TWO personages...i saw TWO personages...

sing- "Joseph this is my beloved hear him oh how sweet the word"
The restoration investagation all you gotta do is ask in the name of His Son, Read the Book of Mormon and pray to know if it's true and when you do youll feel galatian's 5:22! "the fruit of the spirit is love peace and joy!" feel that burning in your bossom when you least employ! eternity with our familiy. Its all thanks to Christ and a 14 year old BOIII!



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