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Uploaded on Jan 17, 2011

Islamophobia for Dummies. Muslim KFC Halal Employee Screams Insults at Customer for Ordering Bacon ? No. The worker loses it for another reason. His reaction was in response to being offended by abusive customers who then try to record the employee getting abused some more. This is typical media hypocrisy and distorting reality to vilify Islam.
This video includes content from Stephen Colbert The Colbert Report (2010 Oct 11), and covers the KFC Australia Halal outlet incident, KFC employee suspended, don't record me, Bacon, ninemsn MSN New Zealand, Nation Fox News, ramio1983, Today Tonight, James Thomas, Bill Muehlenberg, Family Council of Victoria, Terry O'Gormon, Council of Civil Liberties, Radio broadcaster Howard Sattler, halal McDonald's , France Pig Head Hats, Israeli settler threatens British Film Crew, bragging about killing Jesus, Pam Geller, Campbell's halal soup, Kellogg's UK halal cereal, CNBC Erin Burnett, CAIR Amina Rubin, Cato Institute Sallie James

islam muhammad terrorism jihad Australia halal KFC muslim employee insults customer over bacon
...(partial transcript)

Today we'll be showing an example of how Islamophobes distort reality to vilify Islam.

KFC Australia suspended an employee for his reaction to an abusive and offensive customer.

Now, the employee definitely deserves the suspension, but he also deserves the benefit of the doubt because he wasn't the aggressor.

A KFC Australia spokesman told MSN NZ that in this halal outlet "a customer became angry after being refused bacon", and then "directed offensive language and became abusive towards the team member" according to witnesses that were there.

Someone then adds injury to insult (more than "insult to injury") by trying to record this abused employee, who gets very angry, not about Bacon, but about the fact that he's being recorded.

Now, the title of the recent article on Fox News is " Muslim KFC Employee Erupts at Customer for Ordering Bacon ". http://nation.foxnews.com/culture/201...

This Fox article, other articles, and most of the youtube mirrors of the video,
misrepresent WHY the employee loses his temper.

As we'll see from the clip, the verbally abused & insulted KFC employee being recorded (in the center of the screen) doesn't mention Bacon even once, but he objects profusely 5 times TO BEING RECORDED by the abusive customers:
Other Employee: ...no, no, he didn't know that, that's alright. We don't have bacon.
Abused Employee:
1) Don't record me (bleep).
2) Don't (bleep) record me.
3) (inaudible) (bleep) record me.
4) Stop (bleep), don't record me you little (bleep)
5) Stop (bleep) recording me.

To vilify Islam, people are "assuming" that the employee is a Muslim, because it's UNCLEAR from the video and from KFC's statement:
youtube.com/ramio1983 : How do you know this kid's a Muslim? I mean, did you see him praying out the back? Did he scream Allahu Akbar? And even if he did, that still doesn't make him a Muslim. Did he give you change with a Quran? I mean, how do you know this kid's a Muslim?

We contacted KFC's spokesman and he said that the employee's religion hasn't been released, so Fox News and anyone claiming that the employee is a Muslim, has absolutely no evidence.

More importantly, how can anyone in their right mind claim this has anything to do with his religious feelings about bacon.

This is about an "offensive" customer being "abusive" to a KFC employee,
and that employee refusing to have any more of that offensive abuse recorded on video.

An Australian news report suggests that this could be something even worse.

Today Tonight : ...like KFC that cater for their (Muslims) needs are under attack. Customers armed with video cameras are taunting Muslim staff members until they reach breaking point. James Thomas reports on a shocking new trend.

To abusive, offensive customers: don't record me... don't **** record me... record me... don't record me...
Bill Muehlenberg, Family Council of Victoria : Somebody asks for bacon on their food product, and the person working at the store went quite ballistic as a result of that.

That's a lie. The KFC employee "went ballistic" when he thought that the abusive customers were trying to record some more of this abuse.


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