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Published on Apr 10, 2012

So, I hope you had a nice Easter and/or Passover. Apparently, this is what I was doing on Passeaster.

All of these matches in this video are against Felixja13 from here on YouTube. He sent a Friend Invitation, so I went in. By the way, I'm on the right.

Match #1
Temari (Kage Outfit), with Foo and Cee
Danzo, with Tobi and Torune
You'll see that I've unlocked the entire roster now, and what a stunning number of characters there are! (Do any of you want me to put up annotations identifying each of the characters? The thing is that there are 87 characters in this game, and I don't know if YouTube can handle 87 annotations simultaneously.) I have all the characters now, but I don't yet have all the assist types for all of the characters. That'll have to come much later. This is an alternate outfit of Temari's. She wears it during the Five Kage Summit, which doesn't make sense to me because it's really cold in the Land of Fire. Indoors maybe. But definitely not outside, and that tiny cloak is not going to keep her warm. Danzo's thick, flowing clothes make more sense. He looks like he can keep warm there. In this match, I had never used Ao nor Cee before (also known as C, but the game calls him Cee), so I just deployed them to see what they'd do--neither of them are particularly long range, it seems. Bummer, since Temari was and apparently still is a long-range specialist. (I like how her projectiles will fly behind her if she's facing away from her foe.) By the way, you are immune from Team Ultimate Jutsus while in Awakened or Beast Mode.

Match #2
Obito, with Temari (Part I) and Kakashi
Obito, with Sakon and Ukon and Shizune
Sakon and Ukon work as a pair and count as a single assist. Since they never make an appearance in the story mode and are simply assist characters, I might as well explain them here: They're a pair of twins from the Hidden Sound Village who work under Kimimaro. They act largely identically, except that Sakon likes to perform on the fly and prolong a battle if he's enjoying it whereas Ukon prefers to strategize to end a battle quickly. (Sakon looks kind of like Kitaro from Gegege no Kitaro on the loading screen.) They have a unique kekkei genkai (inherited ability) that allows the two of them to merge with each other, and in more desperate situations, Ukon can merge with an opponent to destroy them from the inside. They fought Kiba and Akamaru and had the advantage until Kankuro came to turn the tides. Here, they make a tag-team summoning, the legendary gate Rashomon. It sits there inflicting damage to anyone who touches it and negates everything, making for a convenient shield. They are both voiced by Brian Beacock, who also voices Chojuro and White Zetsu, though he's best known for voicing Yumuchika Ayasegawa in Bleach. And he voiced Takato in Digimon Tamers. Anyway, since this is a mirror match (in playable characters, anyhow), I had to spend a bit figuring out which Obito I'm using--it's the one in green. I'm working on the combo-canceling, but I'm still having trouble actually attacking to keep pressure. That, and telling which Obito is which when a bunch of stuff is going on.

Match #3
Kiba (Part I), with Kidomaru and Masked Man
Konan, with Pain and Sasori
We've seen Kidomaru already, but I haven't given the time to describe him, so I'll do it here too: Kidomaru is another member of the Hidden Sound Village working under Kimimaro. He's not as crushingly powerful as his colleagues but makes up for it by being smarter than the others, observing his enemies from afar, coming up with a plan, and executing it, not unlike Shikamaru. He fought Neji, however--Shikamaru was present but was busy fighting Tayuya. (I'll explain what her deal is when someone selects her as an assist.) Kidomaru has spider-themed abilities, his signature technique being the sprouting of four extra arms. He also shoots web to entangle people, which is what he does here: It does no damage, but it immobilizes an opponent long enough that you could likely hit them with an Ultimate Jutsu. Kidomaru is voiced by Peter Lurie, who also plays Tobirama Senju, the Second Hokage. Other roles include Paxton Fettel in the F.E.A.R. series, Jidanbo Ikkanzaka in Bleach, Major Dan Dastun in The Big O, and Vulcan Raven in the Metal Gear Solid series. I tried to play this Kiba like the grown-up Kiba...I've already used Part I Kiba prior to this, and I didn't learn from last time.

Match #4
Lee (Part I), with Lee (Part II) and Asuma
Ino (Part I), with Sakon and Ukon and Hinata (Part I)
Here's Sakon and Ukon again. But I don't need to explain anyone this tme around. Looking at the results of the previous two matches in this video, I realized that going into Awakened against The Felixja13, for whatever reason, puts me at a DISadvantage. So I decided to forgo that, allowing my assists to pull the weight when I can't do much manually. Well, until going into Awakened was no longer a problem.


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