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Published on Apr 8, 2010

Working on my science project! Due tomorrow **April 8 2010**

Later that day At Bailey's House

Bailey: *decroting her house with her friends* I cant believe tomorrow is my birthday and i have the greatest Boyfriend for my present to me *smiles at Justin* but i still want yall to give me a present *laughs* im kidding
Ryan: Your gonna turn 16 tomorrow and........
Bailey: and what?!
Ryan: you forgot?!?!?!?
K+C+O+C+C: Bailey.....!
Bailey: im kidding thats why i always love April 8
Justin: what's April 8th?
Olivia: its when we all met Ryan Spilled Apple juice all over Bailey's shirt
Katie: she kicked him in the stomach
Ryan: dude it wasnt even funny!
Chaz: then after bailey saw he was really hurt she helped him and we came to help and then we just
Bailey: became really close
Courtney thats April 8th
Justin: wow
Bailey: *laughs* yupp
Adian: hey Kids having fun?
Bailey: hey mama
Courtney: hey mommmy!
Ryan: reallly Court?
Courtney: i hang out here so much i started calling her mommy!
Ryan: *laughs*
Bailey: mom this is Justin
Adian: hi Justin
Justin: Hi Mrs.Bateson its really nice to meet you
Adian: you too
Bailey: mom hes my new boyfriend
Adian: he seems like a nice young boy
Justin: thanks

The next day

Justin: Ryan lets go
Ryan: Come on hurry before they wake up

At the pet store

Justin: I want that doggy right there
Manger: here you go thank you
with Bailey

Bailey: where's Ryan and Justin?
Justin: *comes in with a dog & Ballons* Happy Birthday Birthday Girl!
Bailey: there you are
Justin: this little buddy is yours its a dog name him whatever you want
Bailey: omg! thanks Justin your the best! *kisses him* Im gonna name you Drew
Justin: *smiles*
Ryan: i got this for you
Bailey: omg thanks Ry! *hugshim*
Ryan: your welcome
Chaz & Christian: Umm Bailey this is what we got for you together Us and the girls
Bailey: what?
Courtney: *shows her the keys*
Bailey: omg! i love you guys!

The Next day

Justin: *text Bailey*Hey can you meet me at the beach
Bailey: sure see you there bye

At The Beach

Bailey: *covers his eyes with her eyes* guess who?
Justin: *turns around and kisses her*
Bailey: *smiles and kisses him back*
Justin: Bailey?
Bailey: yeah?
Justin: im leaving tonight..
Bailey: wait what do you mean?
Justin: Im gonna stay at somewhere i dont know yet for 5 months
Bailey: what?!?!?
Justin: im sorry Bailey.
Bailey: but i need you now then ever
Justin: what do you mean?
Bailey: Aaron's gonna hurt me!
Justin: what do you mean?
Bailey: when i broke up with Aaron before he hunt me down until i went out with him again
Justin: oh my gosh...
Bailey: yeah but you can go and ditch your girlfriend! *starts crying* I really like you Justin but you being a Star...? i cant
Justin: Bailey.
Bailey: *kisses him on the cheek and walks slowly *
Justin: *runs to her*
Bailey: *doesnt look at him* what?
Justin: dont ever forgot me Bailey
Bailey: & dont forget me *walks home*

that Night

Ryan: dude you hurt her,bad
Justin: you know i didnt want to hurt her
Chaz: its okay we will help her out if anything happens
Justin: thanks guys
Christian: good luck
Justin: thanks ill need it
they all laughed
Pattie: Justin its time to go
Justin: she really isnt coming okay see you guys tell her ill never forget her *leaves with his mom*

Liked it?? R you wondering what's gonn happen next?


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