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Published on Jan 8, 2013

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Loss & Build Muscles

Gain Muscle And Lose Fat

If you are one of the millions of people who is seeking to gain muscle and get ride of the unwanted pounds at the same time I am here to share with you the best way to do just that. If you have been researching topic on your own you have heard over and over again that it is nearly in possible to lose fat and gain muscle. Most trainers will tell you that building muscle while losing fat is nearly impossible because they are conflicting goals. though this argument holds some validity it is not 100 percent true. There are three situations where a person can build muscle and lose fat without totally cutting out all the calories in your diet that is otherwise critical for optimal weight loss.

First of all, strength level plays a major role in reducing your fat and building your muscle. Muscle size is a direct result of a persons strength. By building up your lean muscle you bodies fat percentage will decrease and you will begin to look leaner. However, you will most likely stay at the same body weight, or gain body weight. If you are building muscle without enhancement drugs you can expect to gain no more than 2 lbs of muscle every month, keep this in mind when you weigh yourself and if you are gaining more than 2 lbs in a month you are gaining more than just muscle.

In order to start building muscle you will need to start lifting heavier weight while using correct form and technique on every lift. By doing this you will be working your muscle harder and increasing your strength as well as muscle size. Sticking to core lifts like the bench press, deadlifts, and squat will burn fat faster due impart to building and working your biggest muscles groups in your body, which will start to burn up stored energy and fat cells.
Building strength comes in time and it is only through consistent training that you will start to see major gains, but if you are willing to achieve your goals you will have to work hard to get them.

Secondly, If you have a history of weight training, and are looking to get back into shape, more and more studies are showing that your muscle memory plays a huge role in helping. Due to this concept of muscle memory you can regain muscle that was lost over years of not training, and even gain more strength while at the same time burning up storied fat cells that have accumulated to help build lean muscle. I personally saw this happen, after being unable to workout due to shoulder surgery, I saw my muscle atrophy with in days. But when I got back into the gym 4 months latter I was able to gain that muscle back within three weeks- all due because of muscle memory.
The third method of training for rapid fat loss and good muscle gain, is through high intense workouts keeping your heart rate up above 130 beets per min. Workout systems like p90x, and crossfit capitalize on this method of training. But if you are seeking to gain muscle at the same time as losing weight you will need to incorporate functional lifts at least every other day in your workout regiment. Hi intensity workout that use lifts like power clinging, body squats, pull ups, and deadlifts will boost your metabolism and help your body lose unwanted fat.
Utilizing any of the three methods above will help you achieve a level of fat loss while gaining muscle. But in the overall scope of this subject you will need to take into account that you will need to mainly focus on one goal at a time. If that is thought weight loss or muscle gain keep in mind that its not 100 % about training but also about diet and rest. What ever it takes for you to get to your goal believe that you can get to it because you can do it.

Gain Muscle And Lose Fat


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