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Published on Apr 24, 2011

We watched our film (Saw: The Final Chapter) and lay back on the bed for a moment.
"Um.. wow." Joe commented. 
"That was incredibly gross."

"Agreed." I mumbled, scratching the side of my face.
"It's cool how it had the same ending as the first film, though."

"Hmm. Yeah, still gross." Joe voiced, stretching his arms across his head as he sat up onto the bed.
"Now," He stated, giving me a look. "Study time."

I groaned and leaned my head into my pillow, completely forgetting that we even had to study tonight.
"Don't be like that."

Joe rolled his eyes and motioned for me to sit up.
"Come on, it's not even gonna take long. Isn't that why you wanted me here tonight?"

... Uh, sure. That's totally the ONLY reason why.

"Yeah, alright." I muttered, sitting myself up and dropping my arms onto my crossed lap.

"Okay, so the first thing you should do when there's no customers is...?"

Silence. I had no clue.
Joe noticed this and sighed.

"Stock up. Check to see if we're running low on anything at the front counter. Things like..?"

".. Registers?"

He sighed again.
"Registers? Really, Nick? No, things like cups... spoons... paper bags...  sundae toppings... anything clicking, here?"

"Oh, right." I nodded, getting his point. "But what do I do if we're running low on those things? Tell the manager?"

Joe chuckled at my apparent stupidness.
"No. You get some from the back and stock them up yourself. Do you know where to get them from?"
"The stock up room. Simple enough, right? it's the place opposite the crew room. You know the area with like, a million cardboard boxes?"
"Ohhh! Yeah, yeah I know that place." I grinned, feeling proud of myself.
Joe smiled. 
"Yep, they're all there. Usually you'll be able to spot em easily cause a lot of the boxes are already open. But if you don't see them, it means they're in a closed box. You're allowed to open them."

"Cool. Is that all?"
"I wish. What else can you do when there's no customers?"

I bit my lip and thought hard.
All I did was draw blanks.

Joe chuckled.
"Don't stress. You could check the dining room floor. You know, sweep or mop it. Empty the dining room bins if they're full. Refill napkins. Check bathrooms. Check the kids playroom for sweeping. Check if windows need cleaning. Check-"

"Okay, enough. I think I got it." I whined, grabbing my sore head.

Joe laughed.
"I was done, anyway. But yeah. Plenty of stuff to do. And if you can, make sure you do those things when a manager is around. They'll be so impressed."

"Mhm, mhm." I responded, putting on my best 'imsobored' face so Joe could get the hint.

"Bored, are we?"
"YES." I practically screamed, but quited down when I realized mom would probably kill me.

"Let's play 21 questions." I grinned, secretly hoping that Joe would agree.
Joe shrugged. "Okay."

"Favorite color?" I asked.
"Blue. You?"
"Same. Favorite singer?"
"... Adam Lambert."

(A/N: he actually is my favorite singer at the moment. seriously guys, give him a listen/search him on YT if you haven't already)

My whole world stopped for all the right reasons.
"SERIOUSLY?!" I gasped, holding onto my heart.
"Is that.. weird? bad? odd?" Joe asked, eyes wide.
"NO!" I grinned so wide, I swear my face was gonna burst.
"I LOVE him! He's seriously your favorite singer? Wow. Oh my god.. what's your favorite song?"
"Hmm... I kinda really like Broken Open." (search it xD)
"Aww, that's a sweet song. And I'm sorry, but is he not COMPLETELY gorgeous?!"
Joe grinned as I noticed a faint blush appear on his cheeks.
"Not gonna lie.... he is. Like, okay.. this is totally embarrassing, but I think he's one person I'd at least.. turn gay for.." Joes voice went soft.

I cocked my head to the side.
"Huh. Well, that's one heck of a ballsy comment to make. I totally see why you'd say that though." I grinned, though a tiny part of me felt jealous. 
"So um.. I guess it's safe to say that you could be attracted to guys then? like, if you wanted to be?"

Joe bit on his lip and turned his glance to below him.
"Uh.. I guess so. I dunno though, I don't think its something I'll ever really act on. You know, unless someone totally amazing comes by and I just HAVE to take a chance."

Am I not amazing?

Joe eventually looked up to see my mixed expression.
"Wow. I kinda... said a lot. I didn't mean to like, creep you out or.. just, ignore what I said. I don't know why I even said th-"

And then I kissed him.
oh, and please consider searching what I said to. and if you do, please comment about what you thought! I'd love to read it xD

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