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Published on Nov 9, 2013

This is a walkthrough for ALL Assassin Abstergo Challenges in Assassin's Creed 4 Black Flag.

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Text Walkthrough :-

Hit and Run

- Synchronize 5 viewpoints -
Viewpoints are marked on the map and are also marked on locations contents when you hover over the location marker for example Nassau. Sync 5 of them, you probably have done this in Havana by memory 3.

- Perform 10 assassinations -
An assassination is one done by killing an enemy out of combat, usually done automatically with the hidden blade when you are not in combat.

- perform 10 air assassinations -
Get to a rooftop, find an enemy and jump off, simples. You can probably get like 7 if you jump on the table to kill a commander of an enemy fort.

- Kill 10 enemies from hiding places -
Hiding places include the AC classic Hay bales, carts, hiding doors, blending in crowds, corners, wells etc etc.

- Complete 3 Assassination contracts -
Simply complete 3 contracts found in Pigeon cages across the world, assassination contracts are found mostly in inhabited places like Havana, New bone, Nassau, anywhere where there are people and small buildings. You can also check what places have contracts by hovering over their marker and looking to the right side.

Set 2

- Dive into water from a height of 45 meters -
You can probably do this in a lot of places however the easiest place to do this challenge is on your own ship, Jackdaw, climb to the top and jump off.

- Climb for a total of 500 meters -
Get climbing, you should have it not far into the game

- perform 5 double assassinations -
Easy peasy, find two fellas next to each other either run or walk up to them and press square or X.

- perform 10 escapes from open conflict by using blending or hiding -
Just stick to hiding, much easier. Whack a guard in the face then his comrades will chase you, run around like a headless chicken until you find a hiding spot like a hay bale or well or even a bush, then you have to wait until the yellow circle disappears it can sometimes take a while.

- poison 10 enemies with the blowpipe -
The blowpipe will be available to you in story mission sequence 04 memory 04 ' Overrun and outnumbered'. You can use either sleep darts or berserker darts.

- Complete the first set of Assassin Contracts -
I'm not sure what the first set is but just complete 15 contracts you find and this will get you the challenge.

Set 3
Was Pirate now Assassin

- hang 5 enemies using the rope dart -
Ah yes, you get the rope dart pretty much near the end of the story, really annoying i know, to be precise you get it in Sequence 11 memory 03. To hang someone find a tree or post which is hangable then when a guard walks under press square or X and pull down on the left stick.

- swim for a total of 2 nmi (nautical miles) -
Swim boy swim. Underwater or not.

- have 10 enemies being killed by another berserk guard -
Easy, just use the berserk dart on a rifle guard in a tower who will willingly kill everyone around him which should be at least like 3 people a time.

- complete all assassin contracts -
Simply complete em all, refer to previous challenge on completing contracts for better explanation.


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