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Published on May 8, 2012

Video 6:Foot and leg movements in EBMAS

A few clips out of a longer video showing several footwork concepts from EBMAS. Some of it is a contrast with other Wing Chun Branchs too, but the idea is just to show some close up detail of the legs.

WT is often seen only as back stance with posture pulling since this is the begenners training movement. However, there is a front stance n WT and in EBMAS we also have stances from Latosa Weapons System (Escrima).

unfortunately my Sony Handicam records the sound of itself writing to disk which is real annoying, sorry.

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Ali Moussavi
+DrTzeus you picked a poor place to demonstrate footwork. The audience i.e. I, can see what your doing because of the grass. It would have been better if you had done this on a straight surface.
Ebmas Research Department
But you dont need to see my feet! The green grass is beautiful! It adds texture and sounds,...watch my knees and hips, watch my shadow!!! Thanks for the comment, I agree too. I have another video with more details and on carpet somewhere....
I was taught to drag the back foot. The front foot moves the back foot. It's an explosion forwards and the back foot is dead / limp. That's the yip man system. I live in indonesia and learnt from Samuel Kwok. You do not step with the back foot. but yes, never pivot the pelvis. your centre line is always front facing, your hips shouldn't move. 
. . . . . ?
Bana Narama
u r sacrificing ur body structure when lifting the heals off the ground
@GemGem671 Ill fingerfuck your pussy ass...cant take the truth with that sissy WC garbage...Get lost pussy ass. 
@GemGem671 BBJ is not sport hahah BJJ and all martial arts R in the first place fighting arts. WC is the most weak, I believe cause there aint no WC in MMA you can see that this art isnt realitic for 2010. A good fighter, who has great mobility, great boxing, hard kicks and nasty grappling will beat WC. You R ignorant if you thing that WC only trains kicking to groin, knee or hits to the throwt ect. Like Bruce Lee said once. Dont look at the finger or you will miss all those heavenly glory. 
minasz dude.. you give MA a bad name. Ignorant and rude. I haven't the time to make s video proving you wrong but you see WC concepts in nearly every MMA fight. If you had any understanding of the art you'd see that. It's the small motions and handling or throwing of energies. You'll mostly see it in clinch range. Every little wrestling thing you do, WC has a name for and focuses on how to use structure to strengthen that movement. The basic arm drag for instance becomes immensely more effective if you apply the immovable elbow technique/fuk sao to it. How about simple lan sao (barring arm) you don't see the multiple times in each fight they use this technique (though sloppily because they've never trained the WC way) to trap an arm or hold back an opponent? How about maywesthers philly roll? We call that a dai bong sao and the boxing world considers it a must teach technique now. WC is not a complete fighting art, you must know boxing or any other striking to slug it out sometimes, but you also need techniques to bridge the gap (ever notice no MMA fighter can bridge effectively without using those small WC motions you don't understand or they shoot straight for a takedown that's usually deflected by a fighter more well trained in that range?) everytime an outside arm comes toward the fighters center line while they turn to face the opponent by from clinch range to deflect the oppoents punch or potential punch? That's a taan sau. Just performed sloppily because they don't train it. WAtch Anderson Silvia in those ranges.. he trains WC. Lastly, I'll say that the reason MMA believes the holy grail to be striking and grappling is because nearly all MMA fighters spend only 15-20% of their time on defense. Ever see vasyl lamenchenko? How come no MMA fighter can bob and weave like he can? Because modern MMA simply doesn't care about defense. I hope you'll find a local traditional MA arts school and ask them to clarify what I told you about. Because you sir, unfortunately sound entirely ignorant and take away all merit from your opinion because you blindly follow the latest, flawed MMA trend with no idea of the traditional movements that make it up. Look up "traditional MA in MMA" and watch how sooo many takedowns, strikes, combos are STRSKGHT out of karate forms. Your MMA professor (if he's professional at all) would be ashamed st the way you act. Learn more before you spout such profanities little boy.
@DrTzeus i believe that their shouldn't be a distinction between WC and WT. of course they might have differ a little in teaching styles and maybe some concepts but they both still come from the same place. instead of saying i train this way so i dont bother to look at your way, you should see what works for YOU and is also applicable in a REAL situation. that is actually what wing chun (or WT) is about. making it work for you instead of you working for it.
The WC stance is weak. Its a big risk to kick in the groin or knee to the groin. Also being kicked with a lowkick Muay Thai is damaging for this stance. Both legs takedown R easy to do cuz both legs are mostly in one line. To stand strong you got to C your self as a house. I think the boxing, Muaythai, JKD stance is the most realistic in a real fight.
LEARN BJJ so you dont get hurt in a real fight...just looking out for you
Dude you can put your weight on the front foot if you like in WC/WT or whatever you call it. Its in kinfe form.
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