I Wanna See The Good [Mr. Bad Boy Jonas] Chapitre 1





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Uploaded on Feb 19, 2009

AHHH!! thats what i'm doing right now!! because its up finally!! are you proud of me!! so here it is i still need a School Slut and her friend if any body wants it?
pay no attention to the video when it says Joe's Girlfriend (Alyssa) you don't know that its just Alyssa i'll change it! haha who said they were together!
(ok to make things sure... this series is not like bad bad boy ok theres nothing graphic or nastiness like that just read the story and you'll see because i don't wanna say anything but no Nasty Graphicness!)
David:"i heard you banged Sarah last night?"
Joe:"shyea i did it was sweet! She was so drunk man you don't even know!"

Ok if you haven't guessed... I'm one of the bad dudes in school along with my brother Nick i've taught him everything he needed to know. And my other brother, Kevin, he taught me my ways too but now he's turned into a big wimp and plus he's in college and has a girl. Sorry for him haha. Well back to me! I've banged about every girl in this school besides some girls that aren't all over me which, practically every girl is and also the girls i will not i repeat WILL NOT do anything with, not even if i need a pick me up! i'm not technically going out with anyone right now. Well i wouldn't call me going out with anyone its mostly a hump 'n dump for me once i do them their gone!

David:"hey dude i gotta go skip History see ya in lunch!"
Joe:"yeah see ya man!"

I would skip Comm. Arts but i think if i miss one more class Kevin would kill me! Yeah our parents kinda abanded us, mainly well me, after she heard about my reputation and then she heard Nick was turning my way too, she just left us along with our Dad. Kevin offered to take care of us and that was the end of our parents. It doesn't really bother me anymore though because that happend awhile ago.

So i walked into Comm. Arts and i took a seat toward the back and then i saw Miss Hotty! I've never seen her before so she must be new! She sat toward the front of the class.
She just put herself on my list!

Mrs Kindle:"Ok class today we're going to start a class project. The project will be about one of Shakespeare's plays you will have to write a full report on the play and you'll have to act out one scene. The project will be due in 3 weeks. Now don't freak just yet because you will have partners. I have assigned them..."
Moans and Groans came from all around. i'm half asleep right now so i don't even know what she said?
Mrs. K:"and i have also assigned the play you'll be doing so no if's and's or but's please it'll be less stress on me, you and your partner if you just work together. i'll need this signed by your parents allowing either of you to go to each others house. and here's the partners"
I totally zoned out when she was calling names.

Mrs. K:"Joe Jonas with..."
What i'm up i'm up!
Mrs. K:"Alyssa Green" [A/N i have a green pencil infront of me so totally random!]
Ok i have no idea who that is and i hope its the hotty! and plus when i bang a girl i remember a face not the name!
I saw my hotty go up to the teacher and say something to her. Miss hotty looked pretty pissed. When she was done talking she got her stuff and came back to one of the desks by me.
SWEET! i got miss hotty!
Joe:"Hey Sweetie are new because i've never seen you around!"
Alyssa:"First don't call me that and second we've been in the same class since 6th grade!"
Joe:"well you must of gotten FINE during the summer baby!"
Alyssa:"ugh lets just get this project over with so i'll get a good grade and you out of my life!"
Joe:"Whoa girl no need to be mean!"
Alyssa:"yea ok?"
I don't know something about her made me feel, i don't even know! but this will be and interesting. 3 weeks with this young lady and she'll be scratched off my list by then.
Song- Into Your Arms by The Maine
i'm gonna start putting my life stories down here because, first of all i don't like how much i write, and if you don't care to listen to me complain about well, sometimes nothing, i'd rather you read the story then, me typing pointless stuff but to me its not pointless and i read others peoples life stories when they put it up because i'm nice like that ^-^ but yea just saying!

and... what do you guys want me to do on the music? because i have a different song for every chapter and i try my best to get a song that matches... so do you guys want me to keep doing that or keep the same song over and over again? also if a song doesn't work i'm gonna put a link of the song on the discription for you guys if you really wanted to know what songs i put and also so i don't have to be angry any more!
if nothing i say makes sense please tell me because something i read over what i type and other times i don't and also i say something in my head and it comes out the complete opposite... ok i'm absolutly writing to much chapter 28.2 will be posted tonight!

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