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Published on Apr 9, 2010

Two nations are in an uproar over an American woman who returned her adopted son to his native Russia as though he was a defective item to be shipped back to a department store.

Seemingly happily matched at a Siberian orphanage last year, authorities were stunned to find that Torry-Ann Hansen of Tennessee sent her adopted 7-year-old son Artem Saveliev back home to Russia by himself with a note demanding the adoption be annulled, the U.K. Daily Mail reports.

The pale sandy-haired boy got off the plane in Moscow with no idea why he had been sent back.

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Caryn Langdon
Seeingthetruth yeah ur half right. I would remove him from my home too. But let's get real. U don't drop him at an airplane with a note in his hand n send him packing. That stupid black hearted bitch is damn lucky nothing happened to him. Bcuz she was legally his mother ( if u can even call her that! !! She would have been fully responsible for him! !!! Can nobody tell us the outcome of this. ..her other kids better behave. .or they may find themselves packing with a " fuck off give me a refund" letter in their hand's too! !!! Amazes me we need a license to drive a car. But to have a real living human being. The only license needed is called V-A-G-I-N-A!!!!!! SERIOUSLY THINK ABOUT THO! !!!
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So you adopt a 7 year old child who has come from a totally different country, who probably barely speaks English, who has likely been in care from some time, and you expect him to NOT HAVE SOME ISSUES?? Are you fucking kidding me? Most kids in care who are up for adoption at that age would have developed some problems. From Anxiety and social issues, to violent issues. This is why when adopting you should meet the child, learn about your relationship before adoption. She is horrid. She took on a child as a responsibility, and decided, as if he was a dog, that he was just a bit too difficult. Don't take on a responsibility like that if you haven't thought it through properly.
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The Kirk
Would be nice if people didn't feel the same way about dogs and cats. They are so quick to drop them off at the local shelter. And yeah, stuff your comments about one is human and the other an animal. That's some human elitist bullshit. YOU are an ANIMAL. An almost hairless ape that pees and shits like other animals. Don't go patting yourself on the back, ape man and ape woman!
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Well she did not want a disabled child some people cannot handle that. If this child is truly unstable is threatening the household and the lady is in fear of her life and the lives of her families - I believe she should return him. Why raise a child that you cannot love due to his violent enraged and dangerous personality?  She did not want a special needs child and she was lied to regarding this child. This child would be better off in a family that could love him and deal with his issues. She did talk with the stewardess about him - and evidently did not feel any affection for this child. For this reason, it is better that she did send him back.
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Sarah Nicole
I myself am adopted from Russia. I have a sister (by adoption no relation) and she is also from Russia. I now live in America. I'm 16 yada yada and completely Americanized. Anyway, my sister who is now 18, has cost my parents over $10,000 from mental hospitals etc. She is insubordinate, sweats, and has assaulted them in the past. They still love her and she still loves with us even though she is 18, and my adoptive parents legally could have kicked her out. She is very stressful but they have given her countless resources and still have custody of her. It's bullshit, she could've gone to social services in America etc so there are NO excuses. This story makes me sick. This little boy may have come from an orphange where there was abuse, neglect etc. He needs love and therapy. You never turn your back on a child. NEVER. She fucked him up mentally for life
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Ashley Mires
If he was endangering her family, I don't blame her.
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Samantha Miller
If I adopted a child I would NEVER give the Child back I would give that Child help threw mental Health, or something ALL Kids need help. I would LOVE to adopt children. :) they are gods blessings and gifts you don't just throw them away :(
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Terri Knoll
you don't send a little boy on an airplane by himself, full stop.
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Modified Rabbit
This is actually a case that hits close to home. My father and stepmother adopted two girls from Russia. One had MANY mental issues and they had her seeing a therapist and had to have her go to a special school. The therapist said that many parents that adopted kids with those mental issues would end up murdering the child because they could not handle them. At first I wondered why, but after living with the child for even a couple of years, it was hard and i felt horrible for my stepmother, who this child directed her issue at. She smeared feces on the walls, would hurt herself and tell people my stepmother did it, would hurt others, would do strange things. They had to put an alarm on her door because one night she walked into their room at night and stood there staring and put a drawing of my stepmother on her bed of her dead. Acted like it was fine "look mommy, i drew a picture for you" all cheerful. Many children with the issues she had, grow up to be serial killers, according to the therapist. The meds she was on were very expensive etc and she was even younger than the boy in this case. I cant imagine how scary itd be to have a boy that age.  It was hard enough just being a sibling with a young girl like that. I was always afraid to turn my back even for a second, leaving her unwatched with the younger one (baby at the time), even to go put a new movie in for us to watch, because i thought shed quickly try and hurt her. Its awful living in constant fear of a child. Something that most will not believe can do such horrid things. So you have to not only fear what the child will do, but also what they will say and others will believe because children with these issues are cunning with faking emotions and lying.  We were lucky she was in a special school for children like that and teachers knew how to deal with her lies.  I can understand sending the child back. Its better than the parents trying to keep the child and going crazy from trying to deal with all of that and killing the child.  The Russian orphanages treat their children like utter crap.  Normally i wouldnt agree with people sending back an adopted child but if your family is in danger because of that child and not just your life could be ruined but your families, what else can you do other than shove them in a mental ward, which is pretty much the same thing, except you have to pay for it. Something like this is hard to understand unless you have gone through it yourself.  I dont agree with the violence towards these children but I cant blame the parents that send them back if they have issues like my adopted sister has. My sister is lucky my stepmother is such a good person.
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Alexis Corrente
this is so sad. once the child is in your care he is your responsibility. you can't just give him back. he's a human being
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