'US votes counted in dollars of 1%, not in voices of 99%'





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Published on Aug 3, 2012

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The concept of "American exceptionalism," which traditionally places the US ahead of the rest of the industrialized world, should be dramatically reconsidered as the health and wellbeing of US citizens are sacrificed in the name of profit. ­This is according to Dr. Howard Steven Friedman, a leading UN health economist and statistician, and author of the book 'The Measure of a Nation.'

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Comments • 213

Hungarian Paragon
Whatever, we all know america is free, brave, won more gold medals than smaller countries, and that these unpatriotic anti-americans will go to hell together with the evil communists.
If "big corporations" own the economy, that's fascism. The US has become Fascist; with it's numerous legislative hoops that favor big business who can afford the expensive lawyers that small business can't afford. Your question "Who needs a (10-50?) million salary?" reveals that you are envious. I don't care who gets what salary as long any no one is burdened by restrictive regulations (like the teen who's mobile hot dog stand was shut down). Equal opportunity does not mean equal outcome.
its never black and white
If you're suggesting that negative coverage of OWS somehow proves that Fox news is unreliable then you're feeble. Liberals don't tax people "proportionately". The bottom 1/2 of income earners pay no tax whatsoever, which is intrinsically evil. Everyone, both rich and poor should pay the same flat tax rate. AND raising taxing has NEVER reinvigorated the economy, FDR prolonged the depression by at least a decade. Government does not create jobs, jobs are created by private businesses.
Obama IS the foodstamp president because foodstamp usage has skyrocketed under his watch. AND if you think that's implied racism then you're either a Saul Alinsky propaganda shill or another thin skinned liberal who needs to grow up, and get a thicker skin. Regarding being disrespectful perhaps you should listen to the poisoned vitriol coming from the left. If someone called Obama the same things the left called Sarah Palin you know just how weak and foolish you sound.
I think George Carlin said it best : "They call it the American Dream because you have to be asleep to believe it" The only way you can look at the system in America and say with a straight face that America is the best is if you absolutely have no idea what the real facts are.
I flatly reject the idea that Fox news is not reliable PROVE IT. ABC, NBC and CBS, never asked Obama ANY hard questions during the election coverage and they have consistently labeled any criticism of Obama's socialist agenda as racist. NBC manipulated George Zimmerman's 911 call to make him sound racist. I flatly reject that the countries you mentioned have better health care tan the US, especially since they euthanize thousands of patients (including babies) each year who don't want to die.
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us is actually the oldest dictatorship of with two heads - two parties
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penguinistas, so you prefer 1000000 people die of their poor pocket rather than some rich ones of death care? i sppse thats not right. people are born equal watch borat. you dont need to break social medicine in uk when you just need to fix it. same as you dont need to abandone your home when your roof is leaking just fix it
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haha he is an allright man.
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