Player's Vs. Good Girls A Jemi/Nelena/Kashle Love Story Ep.1





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Uploaded on Oct 19, 2009

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demi,selena,and ashley are best friends and there like sister's when ashley's mom died she lived with selena and demi. demi's mom and selena's mom are best friends to so their single and live together.*7 year's later* their 17 so thier in high school and they moved to california so thier new.

demi:Sel Ash huurry up were going to be late for school
selena/ashley:ok were almost done.
demi:*eating an apple*
selena:ok im ready
ashley:me too
* they leave*

*demi try's to find a parking space*

selena: there's one demi
demi:oh i didn't see that
ashley:me either
*they start to laugh and demi park's the car. they enter the school and try's to find thier locker's*

demi:sel what's your locker number??
selena:umm 721
demi:really mine's 722
ashley:omg mines 723
*they started to laugh*
* the boy's
nick:*heard laughing*
joe: wow their hot
kevin:the blond one is mine
nick:the black hair girl is mine[selena]
joe:the other is mine
kevin:anyway i have to go bye *leaves*
*nick and joe walk where the girls are*
ashley:girls i have to go to class now ok see ya later*leaves*
demi: ok bye ash *turns around and saw joe*
joe: *grab's her by the waist*hey how about you and me go out later on
demi: how about.....no
joe:hard to get huh.feisty.i like it
nick:*put's his arm on the wall where selena is* so wanna come over to my house later on? *winks*
selena: *disgusted*um no
nick: oh come on baby i know you want me!
selena:*get's mad and slaps his face really hard that he has a red mark*
nick:*rubs his cheek* owww
selena:that will teach you a lesson to leave me alone.
demi:leave me alone*grabs his arm and flips him*
joe:*shocked*oww my back
demi:come on sel let's go
selena:yeah let's get out of here
*they ran away from them
joe:*stands up* nick are you ok
nick*yea there not gonna get away with this
joe:come on let's go
*they leave*

sorry it's to short
and that's the end for episode 1. ill make more soon tommorow ok bye

1.what do you think joe and nick are gonna do?
2. what will demi and selena do?

find out in the next episode.!!


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