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2006/07/12 に公開

Real 3D display by Holografika

Artificial three dimensional visualisation has been existing for long time. It was holography. This invention set the minimum requirements for 3D visualisation.
Viewers should see a 3D image on the screen, as they would see in reality. Systems that cause any discomfort or restrain the viewer will not be broadly accepted. Several announcements were made about the invention of the ultimate 3D display but none of these are "true" 3D display solutions, since none of them comply with all the following criteria:

• No glasses needed, the 3D image can be seen with unassisted naked eye

• Viewers can walk around the screen in a wide field of view seeing the objects and shadows moving continuously as in the normal perspective. It is even possible to look behind the objects, hidden details appear, while others disappear (motion parallax)

• Unlimited number of viewers can see simultaneously the same 3D scene on the screen, with the possibility of seeing different details

• Objects appear behind or even in front of the screen like on holograms

• No positioning or head tracking applied

• Spatial points are addressed individually