Justin Bieber Baby Parody (Justin Bieber Hits Puberty)





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Published on May 6, 2010

Justin Bieber wakes up in the morning not at all feeling like P. Diddy when he sees that hair is growing in some WACKY places. So, like he always does, he sings about it. Featuring Chandler Dean as Justin Bieber and Kyle Miller as Ludacris.

Lyrics to Hairy by Justin Bieber:

There is hair below my arms!
All this hair it makes me sick.
There is hair below my nose,
and there is hair around my....legs.

How is this happening?
How could this be?
How am I goin'
through puberty?
I'm just a boy
who's 4 foot 3,
and I will never ever ever ever be...any taller-
I'm 4 foot 7?
How is this happenin'?
Did I get taller?
while I was nappin?
I'm just a boy
who's good at rappin',
although I'm not even that great at rapping anyway,
now I'm getting

Hairy Hairy Hairy oh!
This is scary scary scary oooh!
I need dairy dairy dairy oh!
Thought I'd always be hairless, hairless. There are
changes going through right now... that are
stranger than my fans (oh wow!)
My voice is dropping faster than the Dow,
Thought I would never age, age.

OK I knew that this was gonna happen,
but I just don't believe I'm growing up yet
No one will think I'm cool
when I am 5 foot 2
and when my voice is deeper as well
and I'm in pieces
what will fix me?
what will wake me from this midpubescent bad dream?
my voice goes down down down down
I just can't believe my first grade voice won't be around cuz I am

Getting older every day!
Everybody thinks I'm gay!
and this is only sort of true, okay!
That's another subject you guys. Now I may be
as tall as a 5 year old,
but I don't care cuz I have struck some gold!
and once I get a little bit more old
I might be able to take some of that money from my agent and my parents

When I was thirteen
I was five foot eight
I didn't have any growth defects like him and nobody ever said i was short it was great!
Girls had me goin crazy, yes I was star-struck
I had to shave daily, but I don't give a duck
At least I'm not this kid
he is loved by infant girls who then cry and
at school on the play ground
he is not tall enough to reach the monkey bars
But he's got girls dazing, they think he's so amazing
and now his voice is cracking, but his dance moves aren't slacking-

Maybe this is a good thing,
I cannot stop it from happening!
and listen to the following:
here are some words of advice.
Puberty's a bit of a shock,
but in some ways it can really rock!
I mean look at the size of my feet!
And my voice is bout to go down.

(throat clearing)...

Now that that's done
(yeah, yeah yeah, yeah yeah yeah)
I can move on
(yeah yeah yeah, yeah yeah yeah)
and I'm all gone
(yeah, yeah yeah, yeah, yeah yeah)
my childhood's done, done, dooooooooone, it's done.

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Maid kurumi
Omg your like soooooooooooooo hot _ :3
3 dollar chain
no girls allowed lol.he's ald a girl.
Tanayah Crawford
you stink
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Daniel Aquino
it is wierd
Aiden awesome blogs
so. sexy!
Corena Enriquez
Do you have a Wig on
Nicky wang
I'm 13, and I understand EVERYTHING!!!!
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Jakes gaming
Karen Michel Gonzalez Loera
karen love it
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