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Uploaded on Oct 3, 2011

Natchez detective, Mike Faricy, is living a nightmare. First, his partner and best friend is killed in a shootout. Then a strange man appears at the precise moment Mike offers to sell his soul in exchange for his partner's life. Before Mike can blink, the man promises him the chance to change June 19th, the day before the killing. Who can blame him for at least trying? But he should have read the fine print. Now Mike is facing a knockout woman in Civil War-era garb who insists it is June 19th, all right...1865!
A man out of time. A woman out of options. Time-travel Romance at its very best!

Paranormal Romance eBooks:
Paranormal Romance ebooks are similar to most other romance ebooks in that they have an interesting plot with one or several threads of romance woven through. Also, while Paranormal Romance usually presents an unconventional form of romance, like most romance ebooks, Paranormal Romance ebooks are known for their 'happily ever after' endings. Paranormal Romance is unique in that it is not required to follow the standard constraints of era, time, technology, etc. Paranormal Romance can deal with anything from vampires to time travel and, as long as it keeps to the truth of the reality in which it is written, Paranormal Romance can include any amount of unrealistic factoids. For example, a Paranormal Romance ebook could involve fine dining on another planet or a magical potion used to make one character fall in love with another. Paranormal Romance could also include inter-special attraction or telepathic romances. Paranormal Romance could encompass ghosts, jinns, spells, possessions and more. The only thread that Paranormal Romance is required to include is that of a romantic possibility. This could be between two spirits over hundreds of years or between thousands of characters participating in a sacrificial ritual. In short, Paranormal Romance ebooks must only have a theme that involves two or more characters that express feelings for one another and something out of the ordinary. If you are looking for an unusual ebook with a happy ending, Paranormal Romance might be right for you.

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We have a wide variety of Contemporary Romance ebooks, Sweet Contemporary Romance ebooks, Historical Romance ebooks, Sweet Historical Romance ebooks, Western Romance ebooks and Romantic Suspense ebooks!

Romance eBooks:
Wondering what romance ebooks are? We can help! Romance ebooks are electronic books that contain fictional stories with a romantic influence. Romance ebooks have many sub-genres like Contemporary Romance ebooks, Sweet Contemporary Romance ebooks, Historical Romance ebooks, Sweet Historical Romance ebooks, Western Romance ebooks, Romantic Suspense ebooks and Paranormal Romance ebooks. Romance ebooks are among the most popular types of electronic books available! Romance ebooks usually have both male and female primary characters known as the hero and heroine. The hero and heroine will most likely encounter some sort of romantic scenario, whether on purpose or unintended, that offers them the opportunity to fall in love. Romance ebooks are known for happy endings and romance ebooks hardly ever stray from this formatting due to the desire and expectations of the individuals who usually read romance ebooks. If you have any interest in reading romance ebooks please browse our primary Read Now section or sign up to Stay Connected and get the romance ebooks you want sent directly to your inbox!

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