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Uploaded on Dec 19, 2008

Soo, you voted for WithoutYou!
Here it is!

As soon as they were gone and the barriers were removed, girls came from all angles. They ran in all directions, finally ending up at the entrance to the hotel. I stood and stared; not being able to move and I was pretty sure my mouth was agape. I couldn't help thinking he had winked at me. Nicholas Jerry Jonas had winked at me. No, of course he wasn't looking at me, I was probably the girl the other side of me. And even if it was me, maybe he was just testing out his powers. His power to stun a girl with one look. I shook my head and tried to come back to the real world. I felt Eva tugging on my arm. Now we were the only people left standing on the road opposite the hotel; all the others were fighting doormen to get in.
'Come on!' Eva said to me.
'Wha? Where?' I replied, still a little stunned.
'Guess who has a reservation in the hotel?' she said teasing me.
'Shut up.' I replied, my eyes wide.
She shook her head no and smiled. She took my hand and braced herself for the act of pushing through the crowd. I saw her take a deep breath and then march across the road, pulling me beside her. As we reached the huddle of girls, she began shouting.
'Excuse me, I have a reservation!'
After at least two mintues, we were let in. She now let go of my hand and walked through the peaceful hotel lobby. The lobby was decorated elaboratley; a fountain with deep blue water sat in the middle. The floors were a creme shade of marble and the check-in desk was of the same. Eva placed her hands on the desk.
'I have a room booked under the name of Franklin.' she said.
'Of course. Miss Eva? Is that correct?' the check-in clerk said.
'Yes sir.'
'Room 147 Miss. Would you like to be shown to your room?' he said.
'I think I can find it myself. Thank you.'
Eva took the keycard from the assistant and linked her arm with mine. She glanced back at the girls fighting at the doors. She raised an eyebrow an tapped her temple with her index finger.
'Always thinking ahead.' she said.
We reached Eva's room after a trip in the elevator. She slipped in the keycard and the door clicked open. I was pretty sure my mouth was hanging open because I felt Eva close it.
'Stop gawping and come in.' she said.
I walked in and looked at the amazing views of New York; half of the walls were all glass. This place must look amazing at night, I thought to myself.
'Amazing isn't it?' Eva said.
'Yeah. Definitley.' I replied.
'Hey. I know I've only just met you, but do you want to spend the say wih me?' Eva said.
'I don't know. Are you sure its okay?'
'Of course. It th least I could do after you leant me your scarf.'
'My scarf was hardly the cost of this suite.' I joked.
'Yes, but . . . its the thought that counts.' she said.
'Well, if you want me to stay, I'm sure I can. I mean, I have nothing better to do.' I said smiling. 'My Dad normally hauls me around the country for them, but he has finally had enough of me playing Hold On continously, so I decided I would take a little road trip.'
'Oh my God! Same! My Dad just gave me his suite here so he didn't have to sit through all the screaming. He told me that now I am nineteen, I could take care of myself.' Eva said an then paused for a while before walking over to her Louis Vuitton luggage. 'I'm going to get unpacked if you don't mind. You're free to sit and watch, but I'm sure you don't want to do that.'
'As exciting as that sounds, I think I'll pass. I've seen some pretty amazing shops and I have some Christmas gifts I need to get. I'll be back in say, two hours.'
'Sure. Give me your number just incase you get lost or something.'
I put my number in her phone and she did the same for me. I walked out of the door and back down to the lobby still in a daze. I mean I have a new friend and saw Nick Jonas. As I reached the entrance, a few girls were still being fended off by security, but there was much less. I strolled to the department store with my hands in my pockets and my head in the clouds. I found myself in the clothes department. Half of these were way too much money, but hey, a girl can dream. I picked up a beautiful black dress and held it up to myself in the mirror. Nah. I grabbed another one and held that up too. This one was an olive green colour and absolutely beautiful.
'I like that one.' a boys voice said from my left side.
I spun my head around to see an insanely handsome blond haired boy. His eyes were covered by raybans and he had a cute hat on.
'It really brings out your eyes.' he said.

Sorry to say this guys, but I am going away for a week.
I am going skiing :)

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