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RuneScape Rap Battles of History - KBD vs. QBD

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Published on Jul 7, 2012

*Lyrics in Description*

Hey everyone, it's Lee (Regicidal)

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This is inspired by the "Epic Rap Battles of History" series by

Nicepeter, but only involving RuneScape characters and lyrics. This

is the fifth rap battle in the series.


QBD (Verse 1):

All hail the Queen
Because now I've arrived
Twenty times stronger than you
Why do you act so surprised?
I'm five times your size
In several ways you are small
You're a joke of a boss
Players put your heads on their wall
You don't even look scary
You've looked the same since 2002
They updated Elvarg's graphics before they considered you
Nobody visits your lair
Cause all of your drops are so lame
And your examine was changed
Cause now I'm the strongest dragon in-game!

KBD (Verse 1):

Shut up you old hag
Why don't you stop and listen?
You shouldn't be fighting these players
You should be up in the kitchen
Wanna know why you have your own lair?
Why you just don't live with me?
Because the Grotworms that come from your mouth are a result of your

I know you've been sleeping around
Too close with the Dragonkin
Why do you think I've never gone
Where so many others have been
I'm a piece of history
You're just the wife of one of the greats
The only reason people fight you
Is to wear their Completionist Capes!

QBD (Verse 2):

Oh it's my turn to rap?
You put me right back to sleep
Defeating you is easier than counting or shearing sheep!
You were in a Tail of Two Cats
I've got a quest to unlock me
Now quit trying to rap
Before I time stop you for eternity!

KBD (Verse 2):

If you're so tired
I'll put you forever to bed
All you freaking do is talk
Cause all you are in game is a head
And I think I want a divorce
Because what we have is through
Now just surrender to me
Before I get Flametongue to finish you!

Beat by: worldhoodiemafiabeat

worldhoodiemafiabeat YouTube channel:

Link to the actual instrumental:

Like his Facebook page:

To Find Out More Beats from him, visit:

This is the worldhoodiemafiabeat instrumental that they allowed me to use. It is an instrumental they released on YouTube allowing free usage to whoever wanted to use it.

[Prod by worldhoodiemafiabeat , prod by WHMB , prod by The Violet


Looped by: Logout
Thank you so much James, you're an amazing friend and beat maker.


The KBD in-game Actor:
Himself (Filmed the actual NPC)

Voice of The KBD:
Regicidal (Me) with a voice changer to sound like a dragon.

The QBD in-game Actor:
Herself (Filmed the actual NPC)

Voice of The QBD:
Link to her channel:

Special thanks to TheBumShow (Bumbum007) for doing the intro and outro to this episode of RuneScape Rap Battles of History. Really nice person and immediately was willing to help.

Link to BumBum's channel:


Directed, Edited and Lyrics by:

Who won? Who's next? Comment below!
Also, you can send a tweet using the hashtag "#RSRBOH" to suggest who

should go next as well.


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