Molly Weasley vs Bellatrix Lestrange





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Published on Nov 5, 2011

Molly vs. Bellatrix Clip
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J.K Rowling

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Never underestimate a mother's love.
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Alexis Jurado
the septic papyrus same
Alexis Jurado
Julie Nordstrom no. It was just Fred that died
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Unknown Invader
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Poke Fanz
mines fred
Random Prim
Unknown Invader yep
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In the book the battle between these two was so intense, the ground was cracking around them and everything! I hated how they totally disregarded Bellatrix being Voldemort's best fucking Lieutenant! They made it seem like she was so easily defeated! One of the most skilled Dark witches defeated in seconds! That's crap! I'm not doubting Molly's skills, but I'm just saying the fight could have at least lasted two minutes showcasing what both of these women could really do! There were a lot of epic duels in the book that were left out. What about Bellatrix vs Ginny, Hermione & Luna? Or Voldemort vs Slughorn, McGonagall & Kingsley? I would have paid to sit an extra hour in the theater if it meant all the other battle scenes were included!
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Lauren We don't talk about that
FreedomWriter3 well if you read the cursed child, she had just given birth before this, which presumably would make her a worse fighter.
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When Molly Weasley killed Bellatrix Lestrange everyone in the theater went crazy
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Animal Pack
campdry Same
Murasakibara 紫薔薇
campdry that was hilarious 😂
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paul you
I am so disappointed with David Yates' direction on Molly vs Bellatrix. In the book, their duel was described to be very intense so that the ground around the two started to crack. However, the movie not only failed to deliver the intensity of the duel, but also besmirched Bellatrix's fighting skills as the number one commander of Voldemort.
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paul you
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Major disappointment. The fight was much more intense in the book.
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+Sanjeev Joshi That still doesn't mean the films have to skimp on the action.  
Sanjeev Joshi
the books are original by JK. She can make them as detailed as she likes. the movies must be adapted to not too long for the watcher.
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+1 everytime you go back to hear Ron's mom say "Not my daughter, you bitch!"
LN vlogs
BerryBlue same here watch it 50 times in the morning
yesss omg
Justthatboychris -
I remember when this movie came out everybody in the theater was going crazy. Everyone was scream and clapping
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K&L Watch
Lol true!
Allenthewierdo ;D
+Chris Medina Me too!!!
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Aaron Jones
attention harry potter fans, ive been reading a few comments surrounding the type of spell that molly used to kill bellatrix, well i did a little research on Pottermore and i discovered that the spell is NOT the killing curse, its a spell much more powerful and potent known as the Noverball Hex, according to what i read, the spell can only be successfully cast if the witch or wizard is fuelled with pure grief and fury, and of course Molly is because she just lost her son, there, questions answered :)
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Radu Pricopie
Aaron Jones No. She used Reducto cause Belatrix got desintegrated.
Greenie Weenie
Aaron Jones and their house burned too!
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Gwen Nakagawa
"Not my daughter, You bitch! " I just love the line here. Somehow really sounds powerful ☺️❤️👏
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Gwen Nakagawa first time seeing the movie at the cinemas, all you could hear was laughter and then at the end, one really loud applause
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