South tower collapse super slow motion HD (200 fps)





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Published on Aug 13, 2010

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Big Jim
..conspiracy-horseshit....consider this--- most engineers attribute the "collapse", simply to "failure" of  the "ceiling-floor", immediately-above the "primary-impact-burning-area"...lotsa damaged-girders & jet-fuel explosion, heat..uh...lotsa floors-weight also above that..?....LOTS of weight, suddenly slamming-downward, approx. 10-20 ft...?...structure couldn't take that sudden massive-jolt-downward--- so it collapsed... ..if we watch the video, uh, that's pretty-much exactly what happens..? ..now..if you think it was all some ridiculous, complex, contrived-scheme--please--can some genius explain HOW the "conspirators" knew EXACTLY  what-floor the plane would "fly-into", so as to "carefully rig & attach their demolition devices EXACTLY there..?...please..seriously...greater minds than ours have pondered & investigated it.. ...move on...have some faith in ur govt & mankind...
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Brent Kathan
Big Jim it sure looks like it should have fell over
AHHH Big Jim...Posted for you right here..( WTC 1 Core # 5 ) View this self-evident YT Video...Then stop spewing inaccurate assumptions..
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fückin eh
there had to be bombs, i dont think the building wouldve collpased like that from one plane, i think the plane would just be stuck in the building and maybe the top would fall off. but if youve seen a building being destroyed with dynamite it falls the exact same way, downwards
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You shit-stains do realize that demolitions can actually be wired to start from the top and work their way down, right? Right?
An obvious controlled demolition. Only shills see different...it's their job.
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its so obvious this was a controlled demo, anyone who still thinks jet fuel fires brought these buildings down at free fall speed into their footprints is either delusional and cant see reality or brain dead
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Saud Siddiqui
Yup. They are brainwashed
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Am I the only one who sees small explosions coming out of the windows? That exlosions remind me of the explosions I saw when a block nearby my home got collapsed. They were from explosives in the building put there to make the collapse easier. It is not a wire, believe me, there's a big difference. 9/11 was an inside job, someone put that explosives there and activated them. I will leave you find who it was.
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you guessed it...  just had a mini nuke on the toilet
Think More-Betterer
+mental_boost You haven't got anything useful to say then, I guess?
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Calvin Moe
its a shame that the truth is right there in the citizens face and your own government is killing you and people still won't believe that the real terrorist is your government how many times they lie on many nations and country and the best way to take over another nations and country is to kiill your own citizens then blame it on another country or nations if you ask the average citizens here today was this true did another country attack America 99 percent of the citizens would point to the government of United state but most of them are to afraid they might get punish
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+Larry Day Not one fire-only collapse theory put forth to-date can be supported by the experimental method.The crush-down crush-up pile driver theory is wrong because it defies Newton's Third law, doesn't match observation and has not been supported by any known experiment.The "Pancake" theory is wrong because it defies momentum laws, cannot explain the fall of the core, doesn't match observation, and cannot be replicated experimental . But Dr. Frank Gayle, who leads the steel forensics aspects of NIST's investigation of the WTC collapses, is quoted as saying: "Your gut reaction would be the jet fuel is what made the fire so very intense, a lot of people figured that's what melted the steel. Indeed it didn't, the steel did not melt." [ABC News 7 (New York), 2/7/2004] As well as the reports of molten metal, data collected by NASA in the days after 9/11 finds dozens of "hot spots" (some over 1,300 degrees) at Ground Zero (see September 16-23, 2001). No melting but we have hot spots ? Sure sure , nothing to see , move along !
+Austen P  Wipe your mouth - there's shit going everywhere..
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No it was cable sparks. They must stop laying high voltage cables accross the windows. LMAO!
I feel like I should make a video about this, but here are all the flaws I have noticed with 9/11. The building had drug dogs, but they were told not to show up. The army jets were all flown to CA that day. There is a recording of bush getting the news, he acted like it was no big deal There was a new insurance plan placed on the WTC a week before 9/11 The building fell straight down, it just collapsed. by looking at this video, it's obvious that there were explosives. If you dont believe me look at the flashes of light as it is falling. The plane had no windows, it definantly wasnt a passinger plane. If you look at footage of the second plane hitting, an explosive goes off before the plane even hits the building. Another tower fell and it wasn't even hit! Bush wanted money, and war makes money And lastly the government has lied before! A day before JFK died Australian newspapers had already reported it. This is because f the time difference where Australia s a day behind. Also the other George Bush reported it an hour before it happened. He had multiple wounds that were impossible from the angle and distance and the gun they said the guy was using. There is proof of this too, if you watch the footage you will see 3 bullets from 3 different angles. And it was all over money. over 3000 deaths because of MONEY. (If there are flaws with my theory, I'm sorry. I am only 11 and wasn't alive on 9/11, so I wont ever know what it felt like to live through it but it still intrigues me.
World Of Swimming
+World Of Swimming Molecular disassociation - Dr. Judy Wood.
Paul Matthew G.
DON'T even NEED this video,.WTC7 is the ONLY proof you NEED,.It's just a waste of breath to deny that this was an INSIDE JOB,,.ANYONE who doesn't think it has been CONDITIONED to believe ANYTHING,.Sad how VERY FEW people can see the OBVIOUS,.Tragic
Look at all those flashes.
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Gilbert Sanchez
It's kinda sad when I think back to the early 80's and things were rad , And I think it's crazy and sad at the same time that others can't see what's going on . 911 was the saddest day of my life, and knowing that our government had early insight before it happened crushes my heart . So much for We The People ...
+littlebuddyd I think you missed my point. I am not talking about the squibs, I am talking about the many bright orange flashes you can see on the side of the building during its destruction.
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