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The Detailed Position Of Planet X ~ R.S. Harrington





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Uploaded on Oct 15, 2011

Looking at Dr. R.S. Harrington's Theoretical Orbit of Planet X.
Video of the 1990 Sitchin/Harrington Interview. Note at time 5:12 Harrington draws a COUNTER CLOCKWISE Planet X orbit OUTSIDE of Plutos orbit, and then places Planet X on the OUTBOUND leg. EXACTLY the same as the Theoretical orbit he published in 1988 that My video is based on:
The location of Harrington's Theoretical Planet X:
2002 Zecharia Sitchin Interview stating Nibiru will not return until 3,440 AD: Will Planet X / Nibiru Return in 2003?

Dec/2011 Dr. Lorenzo Iorio paper stating a Mars-Sized body would have to be at least 150 to 200 AU away, "We analytically work out the long-term variations caused on the motion of a planet orbiting a star by a very distant, pointlike massive object X. Apart from the semi-major axis a, all the other Keplerian osculating orbital elements experience long-term variations which are complicated functions of the orbital configurations of both the planet itself and of X...":

2012: No Planet X, "According to these publications, most of the IRAS observations in the 1984 paper were distant, ultra-luminous young galaxies and one was a filamentary structure known as "infrared cirrus" floating in intergalactic space. IRAS never observed any astronomical body in the outer reaches of the Solar System...":

1983 Washington Post IRAS Article:

Unidentified IRAS sources - Ultrahigh-luminosity galaxies, "Optical imaging and spectroscopy measurements were obtained for six of the high galactic latitude infrared sources reported by Houck, et al. (1984) from the IRAS survey to have no obvious optical counterparts on the POSS prints. All are identified with visually faint galaxies that have total luminosities in the range 5 x 10 to the 11th power stellar luminosity to 5 x 10 to the 12th power stellar luminosity...":

Planet X - No dynamical evidence in the optical observations ~ E. M Standish, Note that R.S. Gomes is mentioned in this 1993 Paper:

R.S. Gomes Speculation On Planet X #2:
Note, Similar Gomes Speculation From 2004:
Planet X #1 disproved:

Why I Killed Pluto & Why It Had It Coming - Mike Brown:
Dr. John J. Matese on Tyche:
Can WISE Find the Hypothetical 'Tyche'?:
List of Nearest Dwarf Stars:

Tom Van Flandern, the Planet X instigator;

ZT EXPOSED! - Insights from a longtime Moderator:
The red filter idear is dead RIP:

Skyview's Disappearing Videos:
Astrolpatriot, and Skyview Exposed as Hoax. Video made in late October:
Do Not Trust the "Skyview team":

GRAS 4 image of Skyview location;

2006 Image of Neptune and Triton used in Skyview video; From here;


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