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Alienware X51 EVGA GTX 670 FTW: Battlefield 3 Gun Game Part 2





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Published on Jul 19, 2012


Buy Alienware X51:

"The next generation console is here already" Introducing the Alienware X51

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(My system specs and accessories are listed in description below)

I have been an avid console gamer my entire life. I have had the Xbox 360 ever since release. I even stayed up all night prior to release day!

Now 7 years later, I found myself becoming increasingly impatient and frustrated that the next generation Xbox had yet to surface!

I cast my eyes upon the gorgeous PC version of Battlefield 3 and I was instantly obsessed with all things pc gaming. The expansive maps and stunning visuals of Battlefield 3 where embedded in my mind and there was no turning back now.

No longer was pc gaming something that I shrugged to the back of my mind. Instead, it was something I wanted to delve into and investigate further, which led me down the path to the Alienware X51.

As a console gamer, transitioning over to pc gaming was a scary thought. Not only that, it raised an immediate concern. How do I play pc games from the comfort of my sofa?

I wanted all the benefits of a console but in pc form. I found myself browsing through the Alienware website at which point I stumbled upon a picture of the Alienware X51.

Straight away I knew that this was the perfect machine to entice me in to pc gaming. What really drew me in was the small size of the X51. It was a huge plus knowing that I could slide the X51 into my entertainment unit, just like you can with a console.

Ultimately, the small form factor nature of the Alienware X51 is one of the main reasons why I took the plunge and decided to purchase.

The X51 is a perfect companion for 720p/1080p resolution LCD/Plasma TV's. Whether it be in the bedroom or living room, the X51 due to its compact size would look stylish wherever you place it.

I think the real reason I chose the X51 is because it is exactly what a console should be. Powerful, efficient and upgradeable, yet retains that small console size.

Still to this day there is nothing quite like the X51 and I am very proud that I own something so unique. Without pc gaming, the games industry would be in severe threat.

It is gaming PC's that have the power and creative freedom to innovate and drive the games industry forward. As a result, I am more than happy to support pc gaming so we can get there faster.

I really do believe that with the right kind of advertisement and promotional backing, the Alienware X51 could attract a huge amount of console gamers that are becoming increasingly frustrated and impatient waiting for the next generation console.

It's quite likely that the next Xbox will release this time next year. In light of this, I firmly believe that if Alienware can promote the X51 more aggressively within this one year window, they could potentially entice a lot of console oriented gamers to make the switch.

This in turn could be huge for pc gamers, pc game developers and the games industry as a whole. The only problem is price, which might be a stumbling block for some.

I admire Alienware for creating such an amazing machine and I'm surprised Gabe Newell didn't beat them to it:). The Alienware X51 could prove to be the finest and most important product Alienware have ever released.

From the moment I played my first pc game on the X51 I had feelings reminiscent of my childhood and the excitement I felt while playing on a new console for the first time. A magical experience. Even now after 7 months I am still as amazed as I was on the first day I turned on my X51. That in itself is a testament to how much I really do love this machine.

My system specs:

i7 Quad Core Cpu 2600 @ 3.4 ghz
8 gbs of system Ram
1 Terabite Hard Disk Drive 7200 rpm
Evga GTX 670 FTW 2 gb vram graphics card
Bluray Drive

My system accessories:

Standard Alienware keyboard (came with X51)
Razer Nostromo (Miniaturised gaming keypad. Amazing device!)
Razer Deathadder gaming mouse
Microsoft Windows wired Xbox 360 controller for PC games
Creative Xfi Soundblaster 5.1 Pro external usb sound card with Dolby Digital Live

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