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Published on Sep 12, 2011

Just thought I would put all of my " do not do" advice for concealed carry in one place since I keep getting asked my opinion on the topic. These are just a few of the topics on which I frequently receive questions.

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craig horton
I love reading the comments.  Satire and humor are so lost on so many people.  This really is a literalist world.
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Lucky Ducky
Says wearing cargo pants makes grown men look like toddlers... ...54 year old man rocking Marvin the Martian toy and Batman T-Shirt :P
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you should've touched base on the applications for ankle carry. They are perfect for people who sit at a desk in an office all day and would take cover under a desk if need be before accessing the gun. Thats the only useful application for them that ive figured so far anyone else can chime in.
Jamie Bush
These are some great opinions.
Marcus Thornhill
Honest question here. Are you a fan of appendix? Because to me, I dislike appendix for the same reasons you dislike shoulder holsters. I enjoy having my nuts and my femoral artery in tact. Im a forme combat vet, and I was always taught that if you handle guns long enough, you WILL have a ND... so always point your rifle in a safe direction. I legit had a round cook off in my chamber in the sandbox after running heavy live fire drills. No finger on the trigger, had the case to show. Had that been a pistol and I had been appendix carrying, I wouldnt be planning on having a kid.
911 Tech
"Cargo pants are ugly and make grown men look like toddlers" you say. How seriously should I take this from a man in a babygap Batman tee?? I have questions. Serious questions. Still I like your work. Keep it up. God I am commenting on an ancient video.
Other things people rarely think about or discuss: -- Don't act like you have been deputized because you obtained a CCW permit. I have seen too many people get cocky when they obtain a license. In the news, George Zimmermann was an example, Avoid conflict at all times. If you see someone acting suspicious on your street and they are no immediate threat to you or someone else, do not grab you gun and go out of your way to follow and confront them. Call the police. A CCW is not a license to play patrolman and investigate potential criminal activity. Avoid conflict at all times if possible. --Don't think you are John Rambo. Pretty much anyone without a criminal record can get a permit in most states that issue them. It is not a certification of 'expert' status and it is not Rocket Science to obtain one. It simply means the State has determined that you are not a felon or mentally insane individual who poses a danger to others. You couldn't hit the broad side of a barn from five feet out for all they know or care. They just determined that nothing was found in your background that indicates you are a possible candidate to go on a robbing spree or walk into a mall and go postal. -- Don't do things or go places you wouldn't normally go without a CCW permit. Just because you now can carry doesn't mean you can now venture into 'the hood'. Avoid bad places and trouble, even more so with a CCW, as having to use a lethal weapon should be the last thing you want to have to do. The legal and financial consequences can be severe as you clear yourself. Nobody shoots someone without a resulting investigation. While you clear yourself you are likely to miss some work time and perhaps require the assistance of an attorney. Attorneys cost a lot of money. If someone dies, it gets even more complicated and drawn-out. The aftermath of shooting people usually is expensive and time-consuming, especially if you kill them. Most people have no plan for the aftermath of a CCW use-of-force encounter and probably never thought about this aspect of it. Anyone with a CCW should have a plan. . 
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206 guy
3:38 Washington where?
Chino Rodríguez
I am mexican and i don't see the racism un this vídeo
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David Johnson
Im glad you are talking about problems with retention. Once you get to a certain age, it gets to be a concern.......oh, not that kind of retention.....
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