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Published on Mar 6, 2008

SAUDI JUSTICE - BEHEADING! If Canadian man did the crime, sobeit. But let us pray to gether that he gets a fair trial and not thown to the wolves in a mock trial.

Prime Minister Stephen harper instructs officials to seek clemency for Mohamed Kohail, a resident of Montreal.

A 7 minute look at the "judicial" system of Saudi Arabia.

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Ibn Barshalona
why are americans some of the most ignorant people ever? They look at our society yet they look at their own and think a rape every 2 minutes, mass drug use, obsured drunkeness, mass abortions, and roberys are widespread. is okay, with their overcrowded prisons, don't come then, stay in your lives, this is just proporganada, how many innocent people has america killed on the war on terror more than september 11 did, people bug the heck out of me writing stupid comments because of their ignorance
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@2OthCenturyFox i agree w/u look at the night stalker the evil ricard ramerizstill a live,they should feed him 2 the crocks in the nile river!
well,if they do thhat in the u.s the crime rate will go down and,we don't have 2 pay taxesor,just use them 4 medical experiement so we will benefit what do u guys think?
you are not british, you are a pakistani who lives in britain, probably never mixes with normal british people, live in a filthy southhall locality and hear filth blurbed by bearded terrorists at the local mosque. And even you know theres nothing to be proud of nowadays in being a muslim, they are hated worlkdwide for reason. You rather wish you were born a worm. At least worms don't have a brutal religion that poisons them, much lesser rob them of dignity for the rest of their life.
Francis Simon
did the lad kill the other?
Horrifying! (where is the mercyful Islam that they always try to sell to us???). I pray for this man right now. I pray that we will get a fair trail. I pray for his family that they get peace in their hearts.
Anastasia Filippova
just because doubleidiotic posted some delusions of his, doesn't make it truth. so don't get so upset. we obviously know that women weren't created for men. And it they were, not any more then men were created for women. I wonder who raises these evil humans.
Anyone who disagrees with Saudi Arabian laws take a look at there crime rates.
Asad A K
In his videotaped confession, broadcast internationally on February 5, 2001, Sampson said: I admit and acknowledge that I participated with Mr. Alexander Mitchell in setting up an explosive device on the vehicle belonging to Mr. Christopher Rodway, a British national. I detonated the explosive device using a remote control switch. Mr. Mitchell and I then headed South towards Al-Jazeera. Two days later, Mr.
Saudi Arabia must be one of the most backward socities in the world

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