Final Fantasy Tactics - Battle 48, aka My Insanity





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Published on May 27, 2008

This battle....drove me...completely...insane.

Five hours. Over five hours, actually. That's the total amount of time it took me from when I actually started this hell hole (not including the breaks to make sure I didn't lose it) to finally get every last bit of Genji equipment and the Masamune. I was seriously close to beheading myself over the complex insanity of trying to get my team, with its lack of disabling spells (Slow was the only thing that would work on Elmdor, and DAMN did it work) to defeat Celia, Lede, and rob Elmdor blind before killing him.

Most of this time was spent testing the battle, to try and gauge Celia and Lede's reactions to certain setups in the grid and my actions. At first I tried a setup that would have Elmdor dead in about 4 turns, and leave me ONE opportunity to steal the Masamune at 12%. Eventually I worked into the strategy that you see for the first 6 minutes or so...a process that took me most of those five hours to come to, and a lot of it was luck. It basically goes like this:

1) Have Ramza run up to and unleash Muramasa on Elmdor, Celia and Lede. Elmdor will respond by porting behind Ramza and unleashing Kikuichimoji on Cyril, placed in that EXACT spot. Lede will walk over to and Stop Bracelet Ramza, killing him.
2) CYRIL MUST BE WITHIN KILLING RANGE OF CELIA'S SHURIKEN. This fucked me over so many times, especially when Cyril's Auto Potion would trigger...so eventually I replaced it with Dragon Spirit. This will put Elmdor, Celia and Lede in a 4 space grid...perfect for let's say...a summoning!
3) Teleport Audrey so she can Raise 2 Ramza. THIS TELEPORT WILL SOMETIMES FAIL. If that happens, you have to start over.
4) Move Jesse into the appropriate spot.
5) Have Angela Revive Cyril and wait. If Revive fails and Cyril doesn't have Reraise on, restart the battle.
6) Ramza will probably get a turn, so go and Yell at Jesse (this act of increasing his speed was done more times than I cared to record)
7) Have Cyril go up and use a high level summon to kill off Celia and Lede and leave Elmdor in critical.

Basically, just watch the battle unfold. After Celia and Lede are dead once and for all...enjoy watching ALL 26 STEAL ATTEMPTS UNTIL I HAVE EVERY PIECE OF EQUIPMENT.

If you'll excuse me, I'll be slipping into the fetal position.


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