Changed Forever S1 ep2





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Published on Oct 7, 2010

Emily's POV
Wow Noah was seriously mad at me who cares it's about time he got caught i thought now was the chance for him to get busted I loved my brother very much but he was always getting himself into bad situations and he had to be punished for it to bad i didn't realise that will would be the day that accident would change our lives

Noah: I can't believe you told her Em I trusted you?

Emily: because Noah it's about time you got busted for something I'm sick and tired of covering for you?

Noah: fine whatever just get in the car?

Emily: fine so you're not going to talk to me now are you?

Noah: nope

Emily: your such a child Noah

Noah: I'm the child Ha ha ha (laughing) have you looked at yourself lately

Emily you're a whining little sook who gets away with everything Oh i'm Emily i'm a spoiled brat

Emily: I don't act like that and i'm not a spoiled brat

Noah: Yes you are Emily sometimes you get on my nerves and I hate it other times your great to talk to but i never know what side to like anymore you are a spoiled Brat (he took his eyes off the road to yell at her)


Normal POV
But it was too late the car ran off the road down the Gully and straight into a tree Noah was knocked unconscious and his leg was crushed on impact Emily looked at him and cried this was all her fault she grabbed out her Cell phone but just as she did a man came running down to see if they were okay.

Dean: Hello anyone hear me?

Emily: help?

Emily yelled the man ran over to Emily's side of the car

Dean: Hi sweetie I'm Dean are you okay?

Emily: I think so my leg really hurts but my brother?

Dean walked over to Noah's side pulled open the door and checked Noah's Pulse it was faint

Dean: okay sweetie can you tell me your name?

Emily: my names Emily?

Dean: Hi Emily okay sweetie do you know what day it is?

Emily: yeah its Monday?

Dean: good and do you know how old you are?

Emily: I'm seventeen please tell me is Noah okay?

Dean: that's your brother's name?

Emily: yes (tears rolled down Emily's cheek) were twins

Dean: I don't know Emily he's badly hurt sweetie I've called the Ambulance they'll be here soon I called them as soon as you drove down there

Emily: can i go to sleep please

Dean: No Emily you have to stay with me sweetie talk to

Emily: Dean I'm sleepy?

Dean: Emily what's your favourite color?

Emily: Purple

Dean: you got any pets?

Emily: We have a dog a Labrador called Lucky

Dean: that's good sweetie keep going Emily do you play any sports?

Emily: Yes soccer please Dean can i sleep i'm so tired?

Dean: Emily don't close your eyes sweetie you have to talk to me you cant to sleep?

Emily rubs her eyes

Emily: Dean is Noah okay?

Dean: not sure Emily well find out soon tell me are you and Noah very close?

Emily: yes we are we fight sometimes like just now that's how we crashed this is all my fault

Dean: hey this is not your fault

Emily: but it is I told mom what he'd been doing last night I was the one who made him crash *tears rolled down her cheeks*

Dean: hey Emily it's okay these things happen but don't blame yourself it was accident

Emily: please Dean i'm so tired i got to close my eyes

Dean: No Emily stay with me you have to stay awake

Normal POV
Just then the Ambulance turned up Dean kept trying to keep Emily awake till they got down there they got Emily out first but she refused to let the ambulance leave till they got Noah out which took a while cause he was trapped in the car. At the Hospital Emily was checked out for any internal injuries but was cleaned all she had was concussion and a broken leg she lay in a hospital waiting on the news of her brother who was in theatre for three hrs .

Chapter 3 coming soon plz tell me what you think


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