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Published on Jun 26, 2007

Trailer for the movie 'The Jacket'.
Starring Brad Renfro, Adrien Brody and Keira Knightley.
For more information on Brad Renfro visit http://www.bradrenfro.org

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penempatan padang
9gag brought me here
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sand man
seen the post today
Just Tigo
penempatan padang what? me too but I saw the post today not a year ago LOL
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Acacia Raines
this was such a good movie. i miss the good ole'days when movies were good and orginal
+Acacia Raines You realize that this movie is an adaptation, correct?
Hossam SimSim
+yeah bb all good movies before 2010
this movie took me to another world
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Hakim Abou
spydontcry un petit peu
Chongo Carroll
+17Saima Will do.
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john zaf
The words in the letter at the end are sooo inspiring and the movie has really a message to pass !!!
Oh my fuckin god.. I just watched all the movie while high as fuck and.. shieeet This is crazyyy
I watched the movie and then the trailer. DO THE SAME. JUST WATCH THE MOVIE.
lana marie
One of the best movies I have ever seen, it's up there with The Butterfly Effect and 12 Monkeys for me. They just don't make em like that anymore :-/
Base To The Apex
Right on The Butterfly Effect and Donnie Darko are my favorite movies but this one is winning, and has a place in my heart.
Rainy Jane
why does every single movie with a supposedly interesting concept have to ultimately be about "love for some cute girl"-- it's this one-sided perspective from a guy's point of view that half of all audiences can't relate to. As always, the "smart and competent" doctors/scientists are men, even though clearly the story was written by someone who only had stereotypes and illusions about what science and medicine must be like, and no actual knowledge-- and the "hot and sexy sex objects" are always women. Always the same, cookie-cutter young, "cute," thin, "pretty" girly girl who's there so that the main character can have sex with her in some gratuitous scene they assume audiences aren't completely sick of seeing by now. (And you can be pretty sure that if a woman is involved in the story, and freaking hell, there always is, then her part of the story is either about rape, pregnancy, prostitution, sex, or something else to do with her body in a sexual way-- because nothing else can happen to a woman other than her role as a sex object). If I wanted to watch romance, I'd watch a romantic comedy; if I wanted to watch women stripping and having sex, which as a straight female I really, really don't, I suppose I'd watch porn aimed at preadolescent males. If I want to see a movie with a supposedly engaging concept that makes you think, I don't want to see "romance with some pretty young girl" and then the inevitable sex scene where said young girl will strip gratuitously ad nauseum). And everyone just loves seeing this over and over again.
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An account
Agree, Rainy Jane. I've watched so many movies like this and as a woman who's also a researcher, I've felt neglected by American cinema because there was no character that depicted me in blockbusters. People who do my job were almost always depicted as white guys and that was very, VERY boring after watching hundreds of movies like that. My male friends think the same, too. Thank god people speak up about it now and things are changing!
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The Cheeki Breeki Guy
Incase you wanted to see a similar film, I would reccomend Jacobs Ladder. I believe rhis film was partially inspired by it
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Thanks a lot dude, I'm going to watch it
T Vanish
One of my favorite actors of all time is Ethan Hawke, but that movie....dude... i'm just glad i didn't do/smoke any trippy stuff before that movie or else i would've completely lost it.
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its a great movie reminds me of the butterfly effect and donnie darko the ending was awesome.I cried my eyes out
Pit Bull
Jacobs ladder
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