Hazing - Shocking Ritual at Dartmouth College





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Published on Feb 8, 2012

Dartmouth hazing scandal details that you won't believe! Andrew Lohse's article goes in depth into the torment pledges suffered through. You'll have to see it to believe it. Ana, John, and Steve discuss why fraternities and sororities persist with hazing rituals like this.

What do you think? Why are fraternity and sorority pledges willing to go through this? Should we blame Universities for not cracking down harder? Or are the students to blame for going through with the rituals? We want to know!

Note: if you're a student who has suffered through similar hazing rituals, send us a video telling your story!

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Peter O'Neill
You'll never hear any of the good things fraternities and sororities do for the community and their respective universities... Stories like this are really a minority in Greek life but the media gets a hold of it and turns it into the publics mass perception of Greek life... It's a shame
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sara marques
+Peter O'Neill kiss my mothafuckin ass, you idiot... you don't contribute anything to society besides beer and fucking...
a minority- bullshit!
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that girl seems like such a bitch
Hazing is counterproductive, gets you fired in the workplace, negatively impacts work productivity and quality. It ruins esprit de corps, group cohesion and mission effectiveness. Legally it is called a "Hostile Workplace" in the real world and gets companies in lots of trouble, even if not legally.  A CEO or CO will get fired if they knowingly allow it to happen.  The board of trustees will not tolerate it. I've been in the military 3 decades and have "moonlighted" most of that time. In my experience, hazers are bullies who are substandard in their life, work and advancement.  They will not improve themselves, so they want to dominate the weak to make themselves feel superior.  In a low position of authority they get their revenge on those under them for their own short comings. I will reprimand my subordinates or employees caught hazing or allowing it to happen.  ZERO tolerance policy in the military and everywhere I have worked. Once accepted, the boundaries will be pushed, accidents will happen and people will be hurt or die.  And you will loose superior employees. Don't be a silent bystander, be a mensch (human being) and stand up to hazers, bullies, sexual harassers so those who can't have an advocate.  De oppresso liber If you are not a part of the solution, you are a part of the problem. Complacency and silence are as bad as the actual act.  It also indicates you condone such substandard behavior.
Green BYOB
I wish I'd gone to college. :[
is hazing so widespread in american universities? As an italian student we don't have greeks and i can't actually understand if it's really that widespread or it appears so because of media speculation
Davida Ward
Scuttle You should be glad there's no universities with fraternities/sororities in your country. Believe me. It's not easy being a college/university student. Hazing is all over America when it comes to college Greek organizations, and it's going on for years. So whatever you do, don't join one, because you will be hurt, sick or even worse, dead 😷. Just be safe where you are 😉.
Koryo Warriors
I would like to share my story with your channel....I was in a fraternity for three years and later realize it was the worst mistake I've ever made.
Koryo Warriors
+Koryo Warriors (KWIT M.A.) And yes...I have been haze...Also FYI, another thing about the greek life is that they'll attempt to brainwash its members into believing that the fraternity made them into better men. In reality, it's probably the opposite. When you decide to leave the fraternity, all your so called friends are no longer your friends. Bottom line its a fake world
Briana R
like what the fuck does that nasty shit have to do with being in the group?
Briana R
people get so desperate to belong somewhere. at what point do you say what the fuck am i doing?
Ezra Epps
Well, I don't believe that a "cover-up" for a hazing ritual should be used in the same example as a "rape cover-up." This Andrew Lohse spoke so much about how cool and great he was in  a Rolling Stone article, but I question that, for how can you be so simple minded that you feel the need to be a part of a group of losers that make up silly nonsense to belong? Even if this hazing took place, shame on him for telling now, because this was his choice. No one forced him to conduct this buffoonery. It was not and is not a requirement at Dartmouth or any college for that matter. Don't become a part of stupidity knowing, then later play the victim. I just don't believe that his self-esteem and coolness was true from the Rolling Stone's article. Mr. Andrew Lohse please man up and disappear. You could have been in a better more productive organization both on and off campus for the community but you choose to be a "frat bitch".  There are so many good people on campus that I can promise you, that being a "frat fag" is obsolete.
Monique Cruickson
I'll pass if this is what is in store. I have a 4.0 GPA and wanted to pledge AKA, I change my mind now cause this is bull shit literally 😒
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