is it anti-semitic to tell the truth?





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Published on Jan 8, 2010

CIA veteran Michael Scheuer on C-Span, Dec. 5, 2010 is asked for his views by a man who says, "I, for one, am sick and tired of all these Jews coming on C-span and other stations and pushing us to go to war against our Muslim friends. They're willing to spend the last drop of American blood and treasure to get their way in the world. They have way too much power in this country. People like Wolfowitz and Feith and the other neo-cons that jewed us into Iraq; and now we're going to spend the next 60 years rehabilitating our soldiers. I'm sick and tired of it."
Michael Scheuer: I think that American foreign policy, of course, is eventually up to the American people. One of the big things that we've not been able to discuss in this country for the last 30 years is our policy towards the Israelis. Whether we want to be involved in fighting Israel's wars in the future is something that Americans should be able to talk about. They may vote yes. They may want to see their kids killed in Iraq or Yemen or somewhere else to protect Israel. But the question is, we need to talk about it. Ultimately Israel as a country is of no particular worth to the United states...strategically - they have no resources we need, their manpower is minimal, their association with us is a negative for the United states. Now that's a fact. What you want to do about that fact is entirely different, but for anyone to stand up in the United states and say that our support for Israel doesn't hurt us in the world - our our support for Hosni Mubarak's dictatorship doesn't hurt us, is to just defy reality."

Scheuer bravely says what goyim paying attention fearfully whisper. If he had time, he might have mentioned Stephen Sniegoski's book, The Transparent Cabal: The Neo-conservative agenda, war in the Middle East, and the National Interest of Israel. But both Scheuer and SniegoskI analysis could go deeper if they understood the false-flag nature of 9/11; both accept the totally absurd official 9/11 story. Truly amazing.

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Goddamn, I am surprised this is still up. Two thumbs up Michael. Thanks for not being afraid to speak up.
Jerry Yawning
Disgusting jews...
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+Jerry Yawning +ForeverTruthVV yet jewish terorists are lying about wmds in Muslim countries when jewish terorirsts like jonathan pollard and satanayhu stole nuclear weapons from america and took them to israel and have this project called samson project which says zionist terorist will blow up any european country at any time if the usa doesnt support them, jews follow judaism which is jewish nazis anti arab anti semistism and anti human racist religion. only anti zionist jews are ok!
+David Robinson jewish teorrists create all wrold wars and no peace when zionazis, they are anti arab anti semites, oh btw adolph and jews were best friends and both were racist, why are ou supporting jews who hate teh human race and are racist by religion, satan-ibliss?
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Hosam Talab
There is a difference between Jews, and zionists, most jews don't care much for politics and are not part of any political ajenda they just want to lead normal lives like the rest of us. Although I do believe isreal is completely useless to america.
If you are jewish and you go to worship in temples you are part of the problem. If you are reading the talmud or the bible and you believe these things to be the truth, you are part of the problem. If you support israel you are part of the problem, and if you are jewish you will support isreal, which makes you a zionist. Zionism, is just another jewish "ism" to draw our attention from the real problem. Judaism. Stop sticking up for these spineless twerps so we can move on as people...as a society and as nations who want whats best for everyone, not what's just best for the jews.
But Jews are such weak people...the only way they were ever going to attain power over the intelligent and strong people was to create monetary slavery. To trick people into working for their (the jews) money. Jesus pointed it out 2000 years ago and they got rid of him and Hitler pointed it out in the 20th century and they got rid of him, also. When are all of the people going to wake up? The Jews are out to destroy Love. Killing Jesus every fucking day, like groundhog day over and over and over again, and everyone is just sitting around playing with their cocks and reading people magazine acting like they really don't care about what kind of world that the children are going to have to grow up in. I can link every ill in this world directly and indirectly to the Jews...the creators of the monetary system that rules the world. The creators of modern money. The creators of modern pornography, the creators of modern mind control programming, the modern day Anti-Christ. It is the Jews. The Synagogue of Satan and it looks like he has everyone worshipping The Money God at their alter.
Hosam Talab
thats the stupidest thing ive ever heard
This is nothing but a bunch of lies.  The Jews don't need America or any other nation to take out the Muslims...... We can do that just fine ourselves.  This is nothing but an Anti Semitic attitudes of lies.   Go get a life for petes sake. 
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Divine Europa
Fuck off you Yid. Israel is protected by the US because your kind have schemed and slimed their way to positions of influence in the western world. If Israel is so great then take the Jews from Europe and the US and make it on your own without their support. You'd be torn apart my the Muslims like wet paper.
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It is against the law to tell the truth about Israel in Europe.
iranian soldier
it is
Ibn Canaan
He is right as an Arab Muslim , the Only thing that makes me hate the American governments , is their infinite support for Israel ! 
You people are idiots, of course America needs israel, the middle east is one of the most dangerous places on earth, filled with people who want to blow the world up, that icludes America…if the islamic states did have the chance to blow everyone up, they would. why? because they believe that will get them to heaven. Israel is the one country in that area actually stoping them from blowing up the world, it's because of Israel you are alive, America NEEDS Israel, and they know it, understand that already.
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victoria ellen
+skizman3000 ha,ha,ha...idiot
victoria ellen
+skizman3000 ha,ha,ha...idiot
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Ronald Shiffman
Scheuer is full of crap and everyone on this site who thinks he is smart is a dumb ass. Why does it hurt the US to have Israel as an ally, as Scheuer says? Do all our allies hurt us, or is it just the Jewish state, which would be anti-semitic? Should we disengage from all countries, or just Israel? Scheuer seems to want to befriend Bin Laden and his Islamist buddies. Why? I'm sure they are loads of fun at parties.
Ronald Shiffman
What a liar Scheuer is. Jews and Israel have sacrificed more life and treasure than any other people I can think of. Go your own way Scheuer. I guarantee you, as a Jew, I could not care less what you do or where you go. Just get the hell away from me.
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