Puscifer - Indigo Children (JLE Dub Mix)





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Uploaded on Jul 9, 2008

From the album "V" is for viagra.



A fellow fan wanted to share this in here:

"from IgnoranceIsDeath22:

Here's what I'm fairly certain is all the stuff about E.M.P, Venus and Sirius:

E.M.P. has a double meaning for this song; both of those meanings are related and work together to create exceptionally rich meaning. What is E.M.P.?

1. E.M.P. = Embden-Meyerhof pathway the series of enzymatic reactions in the anaerobic conversion of glucose to lactic acid, resulting in energy in the form of adenosine triphosphate (ATP). For those of you who don't know, ATP is the chemical energy our bodies use to be alive.
2. E.M.P = Electromagnetic Pulse:
A.) A burst of electromagnetic radiation from an explosion (especially a nuclear explosion) or a suddenly fluctuating magnetic field, like those found on EARTH, THE SUN, and THE STARS. The resulting electric and magnetic fields may couple with electrical/electronic systems to influence current and voltage surges.
B.) A broadband, high-intensity, short-duration burst of electromagnetic energy.

Most of us know that the earth emits electromagnetic energy; the sun also emits electromagnetic energy- hence the disruption to electronics during a solar storm. Fewer of us know that Sirius, though invisible to the naked eye, emits high levels of electromagnetic energy as well. SETI has been using these electromagnetic pulses as a means of listening for intelligent communications from other planets for years.

Even fewer of us know that electromagnetic fields have documented effects on our bodies; but it is absolutely true. Nasa's equipment is always specifically designed to withstand the effects of these electromagnetic pulses and to protect the bodies of astronauts from them. Electromagnetic fields affect the currents of energy that flow through our bodies, especially those used by the brain and the heart.

There has been a marked increase in solar electromagnetic energy in this age. Scientists expect that trend to continue. From this perspective, it makes sense that eventually, we will have no need for electronic time-keepers because our bodies will be doing that for us. Our bodies already do keep time for us, i.e. circadian rhythm, but perhaps they will become more accurate and detailed as electromagnetic activity continues to increase.

Excerpts from interesting websites:

Sirius A and Sirius B form a binary star system. They have a very eccentric orbit around each other, every 49.98 years. Although Sirius B is totally invisible to our naked eye, its effect on the electromagnetic fields of our Milky Way galaxy, solar system, planets, and the Earth itself are tremendous. Due to the magnetic properties and incredible density of Sirius B when it comes closest to Sirius A, it creates huge magnetic storms which cause the stars to exchange large amounts of highly charged particles that are injected into the galactic magnetic field of the Milky Way. This magnetic field has been documented by science to exist between Canis Major, Sirius and Aquila, the Eagle.

For several years, we have talked of this increase in electromagnetic energy. Its purpose: to augment imagination, creativity, intuition, and wisdom. Each of these components is an essential building block of the positive future of dreams. The electromagnetic energy stimulates the temporal lobes and triggers electrical and chemical reactions within the cerebrum and within the limbic brain. Such stimulation also triggers new frequencies of vibration around the hypothalamus gland and within the intense concentration of neurotransmitters and neuroreceptors within the midbrain.

However, such energy needs to be utilized - consciously utilized. Unattended, this same electromagnetic energy can trigger tectonic activity - earthquakes and volcanoes. It can trigger seemingly attacking and unrelenting weather conditions - massive and excessive storms and bizarre weather conditions - as you have been experiencing over the last several years. Unattended, this electromagnetic activity can trigger emotional outbursts and violence. This, too, has been too evident and tragically painful in your current world.

This same electromagnetic energy that can be so helpful in your growing, changing, and evolving can also precipitate so much tragedy, sadness, and sorrow. And this energy is increasing as the years of this decade unfold. The influx increases and accelerates."


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