Jacque Fresco on religion and spirituality





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Published on Mar 1, 2011

Part of the Venus Project event in London held in October 2009. Full video: http://vimeo.com/7866864

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tom slick
Even if Jacque Fresco's Venus Project turns out to be just a fantasy, I still think hes one of the wisest men to have ever lived. 
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Channel X
+tom slick How can someone who proposes a fantasy be wise? I propose we all live on Mars.
tom slick
+Zy Sharing the Love yeah i know... and he looks heathier than a lot of 65 year olds.. amazing
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All Religion is a lie. God is a Crutch for the Weak and an Axe for the Rich.
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Maitreya One
thats the truth
kamran hamidfar
Nirusu87 That is true
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Atheist all the way... I love this guy, he's amazing.
"Now, if the angels flew without wings, that would be a miracle" Priceless!!! We love you Jaque
Ken Otieno
what's hilarious is the fact he claims "a truly spiritual person carries out the teachings of religion", proceeds to bash this same religion, then ends (around 8:00) by describing how "nature works". ironically, his description perfectly describes spiritually. Religion is typically about Division. "x is the only true religion. all nonbelievers of this religion are sinners, and therefore, separate from believers." Spiritually is about Unity. Beginnings/Endings and Separation are illusions. Everything in existence came from the same source (whether you call it God or the Big Bang). A nebula "ended", only to turn into the Sun, the planets, and all organisms on Earth. Our bodies "end", only to be recycled and returned to the planet they appeared to be separate from. A lot of anti-religion, pro-science people tend to use religion & spirituality synonymously, not realizing Spiritually Parallels Science. Spiritually turned into Religion when 1.) the source of all in existence was personified (turned into God/Gods) 2.) standing by your fellow human was replaced with standing by your fellow believer, and 3.) a whole mess of scientific Inaccuracy was added to the equation. Religion and Spirituality are Not the same thing.
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Rom Ko
That's pretty accurate..
Yes but still he make valid points. Pretty sure he is talking most about the dogmatic religions, not the God who is Brahma/Everything/Consciousness
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Prince Bhavik
I don't believe he ever said that God doesn't exist. I'm sure he was talking about religion. Plus religion is what has always been argued rather than God. 
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Maitreya One
he is a atheist
idk he seems to hold the same position alot of scientist do. no god. just chemical reactions and random chaos. everything that is here has always been here. there is no creation. its different forms of energy causing reactions.
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Jurgen Gjonçari
I think this is a wise man.
Adam Whitlach
wow, fascinating to hear examples from someone as old as him... not many people can speak first hand about WWII
peter francis
thanks jacque with your wisdom
Callme Ishmael
Don't make a law that everyone drive on the right side of the road. Make all roads with dividers and on ramps that only allow you to go one way. Great idea, Jacque. Don't make a law that shooting a person is a crime. Make smart bullets that will detect that their target is a human being and self-detonate before they hit their target. Another great idea, Jacque.
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Scott Sound
+Callme Ishmael  Yes we all know ,you so clever for pointing that out. Dumb repeater .
Callme Ishmael
+Scott Sound Your English is pig shit.
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