Former Satanist shows everyday occultism.





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Published on Apr 23, 2011

Former Satanist, speaks of everyday occult objects and practices.

The Prophecy Club

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Former Gay
I was gay and definitely in satan's grip. But Jesus healed me of homosexuality, all its perversion and other mental issues. Jesus is THE best!! It is good to be the son of God and not of devil any more. So good!
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Andrew Wisniewski
i knew satan was gay
You Christians are so stupid😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
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Thomas Levi
Funny, the same trick to lure people into satanism are the same basic tricks used by all major religions. Funny how that is.
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+UNI BUST why have goats head on there? that symbol is for lucifer-but you do not believe in him. you sound like promoting your religion of your godhood, sound like dry sad bone to me though...
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Be warned guys, a lot of Lucifer worshipper sent by there priest to leave comments here to deplete the strength in those that believe in God... Don't be tempted for I can assure you almost everything this man has said is true. Symbolism is everywhere AND DO NOT GET CONFUSED. God bless everyone here.. Remember if the Atheist and satanist resolve in cursing it's just there way of showing defeat. Because God is above all the idols deities and so on so fourth...
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Micheal, why do you feel obligated or compelled to respect people's beliefs? You can respect the person but you don't have to respect their ideologies, especially if it's a danger to themselves and the rest of us. Ideas should be criticised - and that would be a sign of respect. You show that you care about what they believe in by using logic and reason. The problem nowadays with religious people is that, if you try to educate them by criticising the religion, they tend to take it personally. Religious people really need help, they're actually quite delusional and perhaps also schizophrenic in some respect.
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Life Lessons
weather, you ybelieve him or not...I you believe in God, you know that satan is hard at work. I do believe that satan is hard at work, as I am a Christian and have been all my life.  I stray strong in my faith, but it takes alot of praying.. It is so easy when life is going along fine, but when things really go bad, you need to stay strong in your faith.  Right now, we are having a really rough time, but I know that God will never leave me...He never has...Praise God
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+darius uchia Yes you are making things up - show me one part of the Bible that uses the words 'genetic' or 'entropy'. You can't find it. Further, the whole notion of genetic entropy has been shown to be totally bogus and the brainchild of a shit for brains fool. Theoretically, if some sort of degradation of genes did occur they would simply be replaced by stronger genes in a survival of the fittest. Practically, no degradation has been observed in all the genetic studies that have been done. Further, the extremely long survival rates of certain species disproves the hypothesis.
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PCL Outdoors & Bushcraft
It's crazy, but true, my kids had terrible nightmares going on for years.  After watching this video I remembered my kids had a small dream weaver in their room hanging on their closet door knob.  My middle child whom had been having serious nightmares, waking up, screaming, sweating, and crying.  I immediately found it, threw it away and prayed.  That very night my kids stopped having serious nightmares.  That was 2 years ago.              
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Kerrville TX
i know evil tries to get in our homes in every way drama anger ect ..i lived on land that was haunted there was murders there many years before we bought it..my mom was held down on her bed and choked by a black figure ..the house came alive at night day time ..sounds voices it was pure evil..i contacted a man in DC that helped folks he sent be the prayers and we cleansed the house..but the land is still evil..our house was new there are 2 trees over 3 or 4 hundred yr old there..my ex still lives there .. yes you can bring evil home or move on evil land..god our lord protects us..we have to be very careful demons are real. buying items new or old can haunt our homes.. i believe you dream catchers are known to bring evil dreams or worse .. when i call upon jesus i pray out loud i say i need you jesus and he's there..jesus has saved my family many times our lord is real ..evil has bought many souls ..demons are always on the hunt..god blessed us all..Amen
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Victoria Kouro
someone had to tell the truth....Jesus  forgive us please
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Vaidotas Ratkus
What is your education?
I agree with you. I'm so thankful that God had this man open my eyes to so many things.
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These nuts make being an Atheist fun!!
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+howiboy "The ones in your mouth?" Good one, I know it's at my expense but I gotta hand it to you, that was good!
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Mike D
Eastbound and down!
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Mike D
He was a Satanic pitcher maybe?
James Simmons
+sothatsthemonster me too!
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Tim Lewis
The Bible says that the dead are unconscious until the future, so any attempt to contact the dead is either A: Nothing, B:Demons
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Santiago Rodriguez Guillen
+Lynn Savage actually Paul talks about what people suppose to do to help people that passed away and it is very easy to find it
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You blind fools. Slow of heart. Hearts full of deceit and unbelief. Arrogant, prideful mockers, scoffers, and mindless sheep. Most of you are all the same. you have nothing better to do than engage yourselves and listen to the very people you claim are "morons" Wow. God is REAL. Satan is REAL. And so is HELL. Keep laughing because you wont be laughing forever. May the Lord show you all mercy before your death, because I guarantee most of you who continue cracking jokes will be repenting and begging the Lord to get you out of that eternal damnation that is headed your way, but it'll be too late. Very sad.
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