BIGGEST CYST ON THE PLANET | Operation "Kill George"





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Published on Mar 2, 2012

Operation: "Kill George"

After 20 years of carrying a sebaceous cyst on my back, I un-affectionately named it "George."

Today, his free ride came to an end.

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Mari Kook
I'm on the weird side of the youtube again...
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Clorox Bleach
Sébastien Crouquet
Mari Kook i
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Anthony Nordin
the fucking camera man.....
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Donna mullins
Tom Melin c justwow
Tom Melin
Absolutely!!!! If you're going to film something then FILM it. Nobody is watching this to see the back of the doctors hand. I sure as hell hope the Dr is better than the cameraman, although I have my doubts about that because Dr. Lee and Dr. Gilmore both make sure they get ALL of the crap out including the sac and this guy didn't do that.......unless WE DIDN'T SEE IT!!! LOL
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20 year of hard work, down the drain due to bad camera angles and being out of focus.
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John Kirk
IsmaelGameRD YT
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With a cyst that big, why not create a long incision along its diameter, extract the whole cyst in one piece, then sterilize and stitch up?
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Karen Miller
no it is not bull.
The cyst lining and it's contents were completely broken down. You can't remove something like this in big pieces.
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Me at least 20 times during this video: "Hey cameraman you wanna focus the fucking potato you're recording on?"
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+Sarah Baker  actually i'm very optimistic, it was a joke :) also +Kyle Rich thanks for the backup broski but i'm a chick ;P
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Tyler Rubí
Cheers to those of us that actively seek out these videos of popping cysts/pimples/blackheads/etc. and are proud to admit how weird we are. Boooooo to the people who claim they got here by "accident" but are really just ashamed to admit that they're just as bizarre as us.
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Jodie Richardson
Tyler Rubí. I'm a proud POPAHOLIC!
June Harvey
Tyler Rubí i will admit i am obsessed
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Julie Coleman Nelson
what a fantastic cyst.....ruined by crappy camera work.  I kept subconsciously stretching my neck trying to look around the hands in the way
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quad 2304
Julie Coleman Nelson performing it correctly is more important than filming it the best way
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how the fuck did i go from nba videos to this....
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Maria Marrero
ss2727ful I just came from celine dion to this your not the only one
Jenny Purcell
I was watching One Direction vids, just liked the music and got engrossed....
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Chris .Appel
someone get the crackers!
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Patrici Oshea
Can somebody tell me why this supposedly Dr. Is playing with the pus
Chris .Appel
That's not what you said when we filmed the lancing of you giant ass boil, and dipped sour dough bread in it.
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Shannon Ryburn
doctor was lazy didn't finish the job and he knew it. he acted as if he did not know how to finish the job. ideally kept putting his hand in front of the camera so we can see what he was doing even a piece of Gaze was in front of the camera at the end so we couldn't see. he also started pushing just at the top of the cyst trying to make the people there think that it was all done and it was some more might come out. it is going to turn into a bigger and worse spoil. I totally wanted to smack the doctor idiot.
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julia nuñal
politically incorrect
Shannon Ryburn. Wonder why he didn't remove the sack. That boy will have a baseball on his back again.. Hope he goes to someone of Dr. Lee's quality next time.
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