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Uploaded on Jun 25, 2008

Yay! My first artist repeat! XD And...AMV numero 18! And man, this is the longest I've spent on making a Final Fantasy AMV...some 11 hours, I think. Although, the last two hours were just me being nit-picky. o.O I'd compress the video, watch it, find something wrong, go back and change it, then compress it again. That process happened, like, 3 times before I was 100% happy.

Yeah, I know, I said that I was gonna be too busy for the next couple of weeks to make any AMVs. That's because I was originally planning on making a costume for Anime Expo (yes, I'm going all 4 days this year). However, I'm also currently in the middle of moving from one apartment to the next, trying to enjoy my short "summer break" before the summer quarter starts, trying to finish my book, and, well, my grandpa isn't doing that well health-wise at the moment. So between all of that, I've decided to nix a new costume and just wear my Haruhi Suzumiya outfit from last year. T_T And so, here I am with extra time to make a new AMV.

Okay, so, first off, yes, I know this is very similar to my 9th AMV, "Cry." I intended it to be.

See, I had hella fun making "Cry" but it only took me 3 hours. So I decided to do my first ever artist repeat and set an AMV to another one of Hans Zimmer's fabulous creations on "The Holiday" soundtrack. The one main difference with this one, though, is that, well, it's mainly brain candy for me. ^_^ I focused pretty much solely on Yuna and Garnet (oh yeah, another difference: I threw in Final Fantasy IX coz I ran out of usable X & X-2 clips plus I didn't want it to be TOO similar to "Cry"), although I accidentally ended up focusing a lot on the relationship between Yuna and Tidus.

Otherwise, this AMV isn't really meant to have a moral or even a real plot, or anything like that. The only thing I really tried to focus on was bringing the mood of the song to life through the video clips. Personally, I think I suceeded. ^_^

...Although...I can't help but think that "Cry" is slightly better. What do you think?

And...as per tradition, enjoy! ^_^

P.S. All of my amvs are available online for download for both ipod and quicktime at this website: http://www.filefactory.com/f/2d40dbb1...
P.P.S. For all the gaia users who seem to like the amvs so much, I am now on Gaia! Yay! If you want to track me down, just message me and I'll tell you my username.
P.P.P.S. DO NOT ask me what song I used--it's listed not only in the title of the AMV but in the credits. EVERYTHING YOU COULD POSSIBLY WANT TO KNOW ABOUT THE AMV is listed in the credits. READ THEM. I won't answer anymore questions that can be answered by sparing 20 (okay, okay, probably more like 40) seconds to read the credits.

NOTE: I do not own the Final Fantasy, nor do I own the songs used in this amv; they belong to their respective artists and animation/gaming companies. This is a purely fanmade amv.


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