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I Wanna Run With You chapter 13 - The Party





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Uploaded on Dec 20, 2008

*No one's POV*

Sunday flew past as a blur. They had fun, but Monday was school. Now, a couple of months have passed. 2 and a half month to be exact. Joe and Bella were the bestest friends. They formed their group with Nick. It's called Alphabeat. *A/N : I know that there is a band excisting with that name. They have cool songs which will be used here.* Kevin's still in army. He let the others know that he is in Iraq. The phone call took place about a month ago. So he's in Iraq now. What happens to him over there, you'll find out later. Since Joe was rather popular in school, then Bella was suddenly popular, too. Just because they were friends. Joe had pretty cool friends, in which some were now Bella's friends, too. Of course there were parties. But neither Joe or Bella went. Bella didn't want to and Joe didn't go cause Bella didn't go. So instead they had movie nights. They were happy being friends. Now onto a Thursday. And it's lunchtime.

*Bella's POV*

Lunch was pretty much the only time Joe and me could hang out in school. But then there were his friends. And there comes Josh. I guess he's inviting Joe to another party. He doesn't ask me anymore, because he knows that I won't go anyway. But I don't get why Joe won't go. "Because of me" isn't a reason.

"Hi Joe, my man!" They do a weird handshake.

"And the ever so lovely Bella." He kissed my hand.

"Thanks Josh. What's up?"

"Tomorrow is Friday. So I'm having a party. And I came to ask you guys."

"Josh, you know I won't be coming."

"Yeah, Bella, I know. Joe, how about you?"

"If Bella doesn't come, I won't either."

"Joe, you should go. Enjoy yourself a bit. I can manage." I looked at Joe with a pleading look.

"Fine Bella. Josh, I'll come."

"Good to know, bro. See you tomorrow then! Bye, Bella."

And with saying that, he left.

"I don't understand how do you do it to me? So, what are you going to do tomorrow night then?"

"I'll probably watch some movies and then crash early. Since your home late, I won't be expecting a morning jog from you, so I'll just go to full-morning dance practice. Then, when you wake up, I'll help you with your hangover and we'll just hang out, talking and watching movies. You know, the usual." Joe nodded.

"Sounds cool, but you don't have to heal my hangover, because I won't get drunk."

"Yeah, that's what you say now. We'll see what actually happens tomorrow and the day after."

He frowned and then continued eating. I looked at my watch and noticed that the bell is going to ring soon so I hugged Joe as a bye and took off to my class. Rest of the day went by fast and then it was practice. It lasted until 7.30, after that I took off to Joe's place, because we usually did homework together. It was more like, I helped him to his homework, but I got mine done, too. Denise asked me over for dinner, so we ate, talked and then I went home. Friday in school went by really fast, too. And soon it was time for Joe to go to Joshs party. I was at his house when he went. Josh lived near us, so he just walked there. I stayed over there for another couple of hours playing with Frankie, but then it was his bedtime, so I left. After I got home, I showered , changed and went to bed. Since I wasn't tired, I started reading. I think it was a boring book, because I fell asleep rather fast. And I woke up after my worst nightmare to a phone ringing.

*Joes POV, in the party*

Bella made me come here. She doesn't get that I just want to be with her and it doesn't matter what we do. Hell, we can watch the grass grow and I'll love it. Besides I love our movie nights. I'll probably show up to the party, talk to a couple of people and then leave. No drinking. I kept thinking that the whole way there. When I arrived at Josh's someone already handed me a drink. I took a sip out of it, then another one and another one until the cup was empty. But still all I could think of was Bella. I want to talk to her. I need to find a quieter place. I finally made it outside and it was nice quiet there so I picked up the phone and called Bella. After 5 rings I heard a quiet voice on the other end :

*phone convo*

Bella: Joe. What's wrong?

Joe: BELLA! Did I wake you?

B: Yeah, but no worries. What's wrong? Why are you calling?

J: Bella, I know it's late and all but do you want to talk? Like, in the park?

B: Sure Joe. Since I'm up anyway, give me 15 minutes. See ya.

J: Thanks, B. See ya.
*end of convo*

Yey! She agreed to come! I still have like 15 minutes. The walk over there is 5 minutes so I decided to start walking.

What's gonna happen when they meet?
You'll see soon.
So anyway, I'm also writing another story at the moment. It's called "Life is a Circus".
The link is:
http://www.jonasbrothersfanfictionarc... , or you can search it. Please read it. I think it's pretty good. And it's with Nick.


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