Xi Jinping's "Accident" Affecting China's Politics?





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Published on Sep 9, 2012

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Right before the 18th National Congress, intriguing and
thrilling political shows took place one by one in China.
At the same time, different factions frequently released
messages through overseas media.
The turbulence accentuates a Zhongnanhai full of
unusual changes and hot battles.
Let's have a review of what's happened in the past ten days.

On September 1st, former Director of the General Office of
Central Committee, Ling Jihua, Hu Jintal's trusted follower,
was appointed as the Minster of United Front Work. The
sudden appointment caused reactions from outsiders.

The next day, South China Morning Post, a Hongkong
newspaper supported by Jiang Zemin's group,
released an investigation report which attempted
to attack Ling Jihua.
The report said Ling's political career had been blocked
since he tried to hide the truth of his son's death in a crash of his Ferrari this March.

Shortly afterwards, New York Times and Los Angeles Times
reported that some official resource confirmed the news was true.
However, they also acknowledged that it was still
difficult to completely verify the news.
Different factions of the CCP constantly released messages
to attack their rivals during the period of power transfer.

Radio France Internationale cited an analyst's opinion that
Ling Jihua's new appointment was selected to be first
announced on the South China Morning Post
which is related to the CCP authority;
This clearly suggested the political faction behind this report.

Guo Yongfeng, founder of Chinese Citizen Monitoring
Association: "The situation has been made quite confusing and it's hard to tell whether a news is true or not.
Since China is not a democratic regime,
news is impossible to verify.
In a democratic society, the officials are required to declare
their wealth but in a shady dictatorship regime nobody does it.
They just keep attacking each other but in fact
most of them are equally evil."

Although the CCP authority still holds off the schedule of
the 18th National Congress,
Deutsche Welle has revealed the list of new Politburo Standing
Committee members citing some authoritative resource.
The article said that Hu Jintao seemed to be the winner
of the long-term power struggle.

The article pointed out among the seven Politburo Standing
Committee members, Li Keqiang, Li Yuanchao and Wangyang were all from Hu's Youth League Faction.
They were born in the 1950's and could succeed
themselves for two sessions.
Xi Jinping, Wangqishan and Yu Zhengsheng won another
three seats in the committee but Wang and Yu from Jiang's faction could not succeed due to limit of age.

However, on the same day another report of Deutsche Welle
cited a scholar Gao Yu's words, who believed that
it was still early to say Hu Jintao was the biggest winner
of the game.
According to the unconfirmed list, there should be three
Princelings and three members from Youth League Faction;
however, the last member Zhang Dejiang was
from Jiang's faction.

Guo Yongfeng: "To enter the Politburo Standing Committee,

all of them are attacking each other by releasing messages
through overseas media to affect the situation inside China.
Or they hire writers to publish articles on overseas media
to glorify themselves.
Under the dictatorship regime, it is always those several
persons who are qualified to compete for the position.
For all the others they will never have the chance
to join this competition."

Gao Yu believes that although Wang Lijun and Bo Xilai's
incident has helped Hu Jintao get some advantage in the power struggle,
it is still Xi Jinping who calls the shots.

However, as Xi Jinping approaches the supreme power of
the CCP, some thrilling event seems to have happened.

On September 5th, Xi unexpectedly missed the scheduled
meeting with U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.
Some American official revealed that this was because
Xi suffered a "back injury".
At the same time, Hong Kong media claimed that
Xi was injured when swimming.

On the next day, the CCP's Ministry of Foreign Affairs
announced that Xi would meet Prime Minister of Denmark,
Helle Thorning-Schmidt on September 10th.

However, the government of Denmark denied the news
on September 7th, saying that Schmidt wouldn't meet Xi during her visit to China.

On September 8th, Boxun.com released shocking news that

Xi Jinping and He Guoqiang were both involved into traffic
accidents at the same time.
he report said Xi had no life risk after being sent to
the 301 Hospital but his injury was fatal.
Strangely, the news was deleted two hours after its release.

Founder of Global Information Freedom Movement Zhang
Xinyu remarked that, as the Chinese people no longer trusted the official media in China,



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