How to Build a Mini Electric Boat 34 Horn, Batteries, Designing the Deck & More





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Published on Feb 25, 2018

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I have been building my DIY Mini Boat (micro boat) for some time, but working on this 8 foot long, mini-boat of my design is now under the gun in this latest video, simply because I have a limited time to leave on the across the USA trip of a lifetime. I'm a school teacher and at the time of this video, I was nearing the end of my summer off. So I had a limited time to get on the road, meet all the people with their mini boats and get back in time for school on September 1st, 2017. And all of this all by myself.

In this video of building my mini boat, I complete the deck, sand it down and design the paint job. I second guess my painting on the deck, but ultimately it turns out looking great. The scary part was cutting 2 gaping holes into the top of the deck to place the 12 Volt, 100AH batteries into, once it was on the lake. Cutting these holes was maybe the scariest part of the entire build, for if I cut the holes incorrectly, I would have little time to redo the entire deck again. Thankfully the oscillating tool was perfect for this procedure, cutting 2 amazing battery holes in the deck of the mini boat.

The mini-boat, I call the Heron, after my grandfather's time at H.M.S Heron in the U.K. Carries a 300lb person easy. A 350lb person if you swap out the 2 x 60lb batteries for a single battery and put in a 12volt trawling motor instead of the 24Volt I used in my mini boat. The motor I installed ended up being a bit of a dud, as I went cheap on the trawling motor. I didn't know this until getting into Lake Union in Washington with Paul Elkins, after an almost 3000-mile drive all by myself towing the mini boat all the way on a Uhaul open-trailer.

The steering wheel broke, so had to urgently order a 10" go-cart racing wheel from Amazon for about $25 (link in Amazon Influencer Link at the top of this page) Also, the speed controller I was building off video, broke stupendously in a video or two from now. All the while I put time into it, not know I'm actually wasting my time :(

I try some table top, 2 part epoxy like other mini-boat builders have used on their small wooden boats, but it gives me a terrible orange peel effect. So I continue to nurse the epoxy as it dries, brushing it (tipping it) again and again, roughly every 20 minutes as it gathers up into terrible pools that hardly cooperate. But eventually, the epoxy cures and I coat it again in 2 or 3 coats of marine epoxy, after sanding it down well.

I run the electrics through to the main batteries and get installing the main power on/off switch in the brand new veneer covered dash in the cockpit of my mini boat. She's not quite the micro boat, but the nest one will be smaller, by yet possibly. :)

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