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Published on Aug 17, 2016

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This questions can be asked in multiple ways, for example;
- Why do you want to work here
- Why do you want to work for us
- Why do you think you are the best candidate
- What makes you the perfect fit for this role
- What makes you the best fit for this role

I am Deniz Sasal, I am a manager with PwC Consulting and the founder of The Career Mastery. In this video, I will share with you two approaches to answering this question.
The first approach will be the safe and conventional approach. And then I present you my approach. It’s a bit riskier but if you can pull it off, you will definitely impress them.

Alright, let’s start with the safe, conventional approach.
For this safe approach, you can pick one of the following and build your case around it.
For example, general reputation of the company, its leaders, your admiration for its products or services, its success in the market, etc…

Then your answer would be something like this;
I highly admire your company’s products and I would love to have the opportunity to work in a team which is the best there is. In addition, your reputation for rewarding hard workers is something that really appeals to me. I am confident I will be very successful and this success will further motivate me to deliver extraordinary results.

Alright, this was the safe and conventional approach. Not necessarily something I would say though.
Let’s now talk about my way. Deniz Sasal’s way.
There are essentially 2 scenarios that may apply to you. You are either an experienced I hire, looking to join the firm to solve a particular problem or increase opportunities. Or you have limited experience and joining a well-functioning organization.
Let’s start with the first one. The experienced hire. So, when they ask you the question of why do you want to work here. You need to do a bit of a misdirection. In this case, you need to sell the problem rather than yourself. Yes indeed you position yourself as the solution but you focus on the challenges. Then you will mention that those challenges and overcoming them is what motivates you the most. Therefore, you are ready to tackle on whatever challenge they can throw at you.
We need an example for this.
Let’s say you are a digital marketer and interviewing with an SME who is interested in you. They ask you, why do you want to work for us;
Then you can say something like;
Why I want to work with you is highly related with why you want to work with me. Let me explain. I don’t know if you read it but a few weeks ago, Google released a major study on ROI for digital marketing activities. It was very detailed it was a great report. So, the report showed 1 thing that really caught my attention. It said that 96% of small and medium size organizations don’t even break-even in their digital marketing activities. This boils down to one thing. No strategy or bad strategy being implemented. See, large corporates have the budgets to hire world’s biggest digital marketing agencies. But SMEs don’t. They need to make the best use of whatever little budget they have. That’s why I feel like I am fighting for a greater cause here. With my expertise, those SMEs do get their shots at big leagues, and stop wasting their money, increase their outreach, and put their quality products right in front of their audience. And that gives me the biggest satisfaction. Because, I help them beat those larger competitors with a miniscule budget. This impact that I create is the greatest satisfaction I can get. And that’s why I want to work for you.

What do you think? I think it’s a very good pitch and I think if you can pull it off in your domain, then you will get thumbs up from the hiring manager.
Now, let’s look at the other scenario. The other scenario is where you are a fresh graduate or have very limited organization, and you are joining a well-functioning organization.
In this scenario, you need some “reasons” . They can be anywhere from their position in the market, their culture, rewarding hardworking employees, their fast growth, etc.
So, let’s say you are interviewing for my employer PwC Consulting and you are fresh graduate. I think an ideal answer would be something like this;
Alright, here it goes;

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