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Published on Jul 5, 2013

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Adhesive Games' David Saunders introduces you to the Rocketeer. This long-range heavy mech specializes in defending objectives while providing fire support from a distance. Utilizing the heat-seeking abilities of the Seeker and Hellfire Missiles, the Rocketeer is a threatening force on the battlefield that rarely misses its target.


The Rocketeer is a defense-focused heavy mech that specializes in auto-seeking explosive weaponry and long-range suppression. You'll find the Rocketeer is a great all-around class for almost any situation.

The Rocketeer's secondary weapon is the Hellfire missile launcher, which launches a salvo of targeted missiles at your designated destination. You can lock on to targets by pressing the middle mouse button prior to firing, which causes your missile swarm to home onto the locked target. Just be sure to avoid firing too close to cover, or you risk hitting yourself. Take note that you can lock on to enemy equipment.

The Rocketeer's starting primary weapon is the Seeker, which is a quick-firing missile launcher with modest seeking abilities. To have a Seeker missile track an enemy, fire your Seeker missile when an enemy is directly within your crosshair. Combine the Seeker's high rate of fire with the Hellfire's suppression to create a strong deterrent for enemy movement.

The EOC Repeater is available on the Rocketeer as an alternate, unlockable primary weapon. This chargeable projectile launcher fires a string of explosive pucks that explode on contact with mechs, but also stick to terrain and explode after a short time. Charge the EOC by holding down the firing button, then release to launch additional pucks. Direct hits with the EOC deal massive damage, but can be very difficult to use due to the weapon's slow flight time.

The Heat Cannon is awarded to the most dedicated Rocketeer pilots as an alternate, unlockable primary weapon. This chargeable weapon fires high-speed explosive projectiles that detonate on impact. Hold down the left mouse button and release to fire a charged shot that flies faster, deals more damage, and adds splash damage. The Heat Cannon's charged shot is tremendously useful when fighting long-range targets, as the increased flight time and larger splash damage can help with near misses.

Activating the Mobile Turret ability transforms your Rocketeer into a high-defense, slow moving killing machine. The Rocketeer's turret mode reduces incoming damage and causes your hellfire missiles to auto-lock on(coming soon). While in turret mode movement is limited, you cannot dodge, hover, or repair, but you are able to boost forward.

The standard offensive item on the Rocketeer is the Rocket Turret. Press R or 1 to deploy a destructible turret that will automatically target and fire missiles at enemy mechs within range.

We recommend adding a Radar Scrambler as a support item on the Rocketeer. Press 2 (or R when you have the Scrambler selected) to deploy a destructible device that clutters nearby enemy radar screens with numerous, false images.

Use your missiles from range to suppress enemy movement around objectives while your teammates attack or defend in close quarters. If you control the objective, find a defensible position and bombard approaching enemies to soften them up. In running combat, stay behind your teammates and scan with your missile lock ability. When you get a lock, jump above your teammates or fire at an angle to make sure your Hellfire Missiles clear the line and find their target.

The most important thing to remember when playing a Rocketeer is to find long lines of sight and scan with your missile-lock ability. Hellfire Missiles deal massive damage when they all connect, so the less opportunity you give your enemies to find cover the better. If a Scout or Raider begins strafing around you at close range, dumb-fire your Hellfire missiles at their feet. When patrolling an area, drop your Rocket Turret to help warn of incoming enemies. When the turret begins firing, move to a new vantage point and begin scanning for a missile lock again.

The trick to defeating a Rocketeer is to get as close to them as possible. Rocketeers have to lead you before firing, so circle-strafe around the Rocketeer and whittle away at its armor. Rocketeers are often focused on a single long sight line, so try to attack them from a flanking position. When a Rocketeer is locked on your screen will flash the words "Incoming" -- use this opportunity to dodge out of the way. Most importantly, never stop moving long enough for the Rocketeer to get a good lock on you. If you have to fight a Rocketeer at long range, be sure to do so close to cover. That way, you can quickly dodge behind cover and avoid a volley of Hellfire missiles to the face.

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