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Published on Apr 1, 2011

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A short video I made about Guild wars 2 and the concept of a dedicated healer. This is how A.Net are pushing foward in this stagnated genre.

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Alex Francisco
Healing is boring? Well, say for yourself, I've been a dedicated healer and support for years now, and I still love to do it. No hate, and good video
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Dedicated healing is boring? Isn't that, like, you know, your opinion man? No trinity in GW2 was my biggest disappointment. Mindless zerker zerg is just as boring as having no support classes. I played a healadin for years in WoW and never regretted it for a second. It was a blast. I'd rather wait for a healer and have decent dungeons than the corner stacking, mob skipping  crud we have now. Speaking of being kicked for not being a healer, how about being kicked for being a necro? Or not wearing full zerker? I don't think Anet have solved anything here, it's just different, and imo, not as good as the tried-and-true trinity.
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Sup Bro
2 biggest mistakes gw2 did, no addons, no trinity. and if you say trinity is outdated see how wildstar and eso handles it and you will realize why is more fun having it
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Awkward Alan
Healers and Tanks are arguably the most important players in a raid. Because you can deal with too little DPS as long as you can sustain a fight, you can not deal with too little sustain or weak tanks. tanks who can't keep aggro and healers who don't make sure everybody can still do what they do best. It's boring? then you haven't played it a lot. It's in most games the job that requires the most multitasking, awareness and it's the most exhausting role you can play (in most games). Healer has the first or second highest responsibility in a raid. You can tell by the downvotes that this is a very subjective point of view not shared by a lot of people. I'm all for making a healer do reasonable dmg at the same time, but taking them out of a game is just an easy way out. making the game far less complex and it makes team effort less worth. It plays into the not-so-much-team-players at the cost of well.. team play experience. I think it's a major drawback of the game.
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Andy B
No healers, no tanks, game sucs after a while...
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Jacob R
Jesus this comment section is a mess.
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Can't stand the trinity.
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I have no idea why youtube recommends this video to me after 5 years but hey, who cares? I loved playing healer in GW1 and I can't really understand your counter arguments to it. You say it's boring and repetitive to watch your teamates' healthbar all the time. So what are the other roles doing? DD's are just endlessly spamming their rotation, tanks are basically watching THEIR health bar all the time...where is the difference? It's not about the healer but rather the entire combat mechanics. And while after playing GW2 for 4 years now I do agree that pve can work without dedicated healers and that it's a huge advantage especially for casual players, I personally think that team oriented PvP simply doesn't work without healers. I'm sure you've also played enaugh gw1 to see the points of playing a healer but I just wanna repeat what I think made playing a healer so great for me. It's not necessarily supporting your teammates, that was just a bonus for me. For me the fun in playing a dedicated healer lies in the challenge. You have to constantly keep track of whose healthbar is how low, how much they can take, if there are actually enemies targeting him or if you can leave him a bit lower for a while, what skill to use so you still have the most effective skill for the next heal, to manage your cooldowns, to manage your energy, to constantly watch your own surrounding, if there is a meele running towards you, gw1 specific: to watch the enemy mesmers, if they put a hex on you, if you have to use a fast casting skill or if you can cast a longer skill, if you have to maybe fake cast a skill so you don't get interrupted and in the meanwhile to swap between 4 different weapon sets inbetween your casts (defensive, fast cast, longer enches, high energy) All of this has to work fluently and in coordination to your teammates' and the other monks' calls. So no, playing a healer is far from repetitive and boring. In fact, it's the most complicated role I could imagine, because you have to focus on all aspects that combat delivers. If the DD screws up his rotation of goes low on mana he simply stops casing for a few seconds...nothing will happen. You stop casting as a monk? You are doomed!  Ok...wvw with dedicated healers would probably be a complete desaster, but the PvP we have right now really doesn't deserve to be called so if you ask me.
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I hope if Anet makes a 3rd GW they actually dont fuck up like they did with GW2. No trinity made the game fail, everyone just goes full zerker and zergs 2 win. No end game and PvE is very boring after the first or second time you do it. Forcing people to use the same skills 1-80+, and making people do jumping puzzles to map complete/level. Great job Anet, splendid game.
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Mexxron Fidds
So Guildwars1 is the future?
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