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Published on Jul 6, 2010

Season 2 Ep. 6

At School, before class

Demi: *Gets out of her car and puts her sunglasses on* Okay, let's go.

Selena: What if they ask you to take your glasses off?

Demi: I don't.

Nick: Okay then.

Demi: Let's stop with the what ifs and go inside. *Starts walking with Joe, Selena, and Nick to their lockers*

Selena: *Opens her locker and gets her books*

Demi: *Does the same*

Miley: *Opens her locker then notices a girl standing next to her in Demi's locker* Uh hello?

Demi: *Ignores her*

Miley: That's someone else's locker.

Demi: *Closes her locker and walks away with Selena*

Miley: Wow, b**** much. *Closes her locker then looks for someone to talk to* Oh hey Ashley, hi Vanessa!

Ashley & Vanessa: Hey...

Vanessa: Well, this is awkward. I gotta go. *Goes to class*

Miley: Why isn't anyone talking to me?

Ashley: Maybe it's about how you told certain people not to talk to Demi.

Miley: Well, she did kiss my ex-boyfriend. *Folds her arms across her chest*

Ashley: She's not even here today, Miley! She would never do such a thing to anyone!

Miley; And how would you know?!

Ashley: Selena, told me that Demi's been crying alot about this picture!! Just trust her! Why can't you understand that she didn't kiss Cody!!

Miley: Pictures don't lie!!

Ashley: But the Internet does!!

Miley: I d-

Ashley: Save it! Talk to me when you find the Miley I used to know. *Walks away*

???: *Laughs evilly in a corner with AJ, and Camilla*

Camilla: Plan B. Get her into our group. *Walks over to Miley* Hey Miley! I feel bad about what happened. *Lying*

Miley: Why are you talking to me?

Camilla: I was just trying to be nice, gosh. *Starts to walk off*

Miley: Wait! *Pulls Camilla back* What were you gonna say?

Camilla: I wanted to know if you wanted to hang out with us at lunch. Since you don't have anyone to talk to. *Lying*

Miley: I'm not sure about this.

Camilla: Just like old times. Please?

Miley: *Thinks about it and gets a flashback*

----Flashback---- 7th grade

Miley: Cami! Let's go get Aly away from that dork. *Points to Selena*

Camilla: I'd be glad too, but I can't do that without my BFF, Milers!

Miley: You know it! *Walks over to Selena, & Aly* Hey Aly! What are you doing talking to that? *Points to Selena*

Selena: Uh, I have a name, I suggest you use it before I use your face as a toilet bowl cleaner. *Pokes her arm*

Miley: At least my hair doesn't look like it's already been used as a toilet bowl cleaner.

Selena: *Really pissed off and about to tackle Miley*

Aly: Milers! Calm down! I was assigned a partner for our science projects. So, she's mine.

Miley: Oh, well don't get too comfy with Aly because when this project is done, you will aways be the loner.

Selena: FYI, I have friends.

Miley: Oh where are they?

Selena: Ashley's not here, and Vanessa is in the washroom, you douche bag. *Walks off*

The present

Camilla: Miley, hello? *Waves her and in front of Miley's face*

Miley: *Stops thinking* Oh yeah, sure.

Camilla: Perfect! See you in P.E. ?

Miley: Yeah.... gotta go. *Walks to her first period class*

Camilla: *Smiles and walks over to ???* It's working, Mandy.

Mandy: Good. She probably doesn't even remember me.

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