Predator: The Musical (Arnold Schwarzenegger)





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Uploaded on Feb 22, 2011

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Arnold performs "If It Bleeds, We Can Kill It" from Jon and Al's Predator: The Musical.

Legolambs is the world's number one source for internet musicals of both classic and modern cinema. Tune in for everything from Conan: The Barbarian to John Carpenter's The Thing to The Help. You won't find the best musicals of the 21st century on Broadway, because they're all right here. Actually, you'll find one of them Off Broadway, because we wrote Silence! The Musical.

Music and lyrics by Jon Kaplan and Al Kaplan (Conan the Barbarian: The Musical, Silence! The Musical)
Contains variations on Alan Silvestri's landmark "Predator" score.

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Dutch, Billy, Dillon, Predator: Al Kaplan
Mac and Ramirez: Jon Kaplan


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