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Uploaded on Jul 18, 2010

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You know you love those Comic Con Girls!!

"Comic Con Girls" is a "California Gurls" by Katy Perry parody.

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Appearing in this video: Katie Wilson, Maxwell Glick, Angie Griffin, Chad Nikolaus, Andre Meadows, Drew Griffin, and Katrina Hill

Outro music by: Ronald Jenkees


Greetings Fanboys & Geek Girls
Roll that 18 sided die
We're gonna embark on a master quest

I know a place
Where the geeks all come together
Dorks, gettin' wild
Just to look at action figures
Sippin' Apple Juice
Standing outside in the long lines (it's hot)
The nerds
move their masks
As we hand out all the free bees (at booths)

We're from all over the world
and nothing comes close
to us geeky girls
Once you role play with us
You'll be typing with love

Comic Con Girls
We're incredible
Slave girl
Leia bikinis on top
Star Wars chicks
So hot
We'll melt your lightsaber
Oh no! Oh no! Oh no!

Comic Con girls
We're illogical
Fine flesh pierced
We got lots on top
Wizards represent
Now put your wands up
Expecto Patronum

Tomb Raider
Poison Ivy
My these girls are lookin' lively
Wonder Woman, Super Girl
I'm so nervous, i could hurl!
I like guns
I mean like girls with guns
See her
Meet her
This is fun!

The girl's a geek
She plays the Wii
And loves Stan Lee
I wanna play
with Felicia Day
Now let's cosplay!
Princess Peach
The One Ring
Comic Con is everything

Hangin' out
All that CAPE
Hangin' out
Movies, and groupies, and boobies
No noobies
Just Daphne
and Scooby
Katie my lady
How 'bout an autograph maybe?
(uh huh)
I wish we could get it on
'Cause you representin' Comic Con

Comic Con girls
We're incredible
Slave girl
Leia bikini on top
Star Wars chicks
So hot
We'll melt your lightsaber
No! Oh no! Oh no! Oh no!

Comic Con girls
We're illogical

Fine flesh pierced
We got lots on top
Wizards represent
Now put your wands up
Expecto Patronum


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