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Published on Dec 5, 2010

Astrophysicist Neil Degrasse Tyson and Richard Dawkins discusses the nature of 'intelligent aliens' in an excerpt from "The Poetry of Science" lecture. Full lecture here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9RExQF...

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Dionisio Louro
Is he talking about God ?
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I believe that it was Stephen Hawkins that pointed out that almost every time that a technically superior civilization came across a technically inferior civilization in the history of the Earth, things did not go very well for the inferior one (to say the least!).  If any advanced civilization that we reached out to had any sort of human inclination to dominate or any kind of warlike inclination, well, we would probably be screwed....
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You can converse with chimps or even dogs if you do it in their context and within their perceptions. Dogs, in my family experience, will object to violations of fairness of either number or quality, and this is a subject that fills a lot of human conversation. But we're not even competent to converse with dogs via odors, or with whales or bats via sonic imagery -- a human without a computer can't create a sound patterns that replicate either the communication or the imagery that whales and dolphins receive in their ears. Humans are obviously the planetary masters, and without any peers, at being able to exploit and alter our environment in response to passing ongoing whims. That doesn't mean we're the only creatures that are self aware, that create tools, that act on empathy and altruism, that communicate with peers to help the community organize to solve problems, etc.
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i love this guy
Nicky Mantella
Dawkins and Tyson on intelligent aliens? "Yes I can, Yes". That was literally all that Dawkins said...
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Rationalism Pragmatism
I completely disagree with what the video is saying. The difference between we and chimpanzee is very significant. They are not even slightly intelligent compared to us, where we would be considered somewhat intelligent to a superior species. For example even if we were extremely smart. Seeing a world like ours and beings like us on it would be insanely interesting. We would try to communicate with them. So will the so called alliens with us...
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That's insane. We know that there's countless planets in our galaxy alone. We've seen thousands of them already thanks to Kepler. Many of them are at the right distance from their suns for life. It's greatly IMPROBABLE that there isn't intelligent life out there.
neil tyson?
Obi-Wan Kannabis
Because those aliens are indeed part of the universe. Not its creators.
Dougie Barclay
You said you "talk" to animals, then in the same sentence you said you "converse" with animals. Which is it?
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