Sandy Hook Mass Media Psyop: Outtakes and Bloopers





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Published on Dec 17, 2012

A video demonstrating some of the pitfalls of using children in a mass media psychological operation.

Parents recieve automated phone calls/text:

Sandy Hook Bloopers and Outtakes Part 2: The Sound of Psyops


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I'm not even sure what is more sickening, the government pulling this obviously fake  BS, or the typical sheep citizenry eating up the lies like delicious ice cream.
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Remington Steele
lmao that CBS logo after catching her in that lie just took me to a special place LOL
thats odd. at1:21 a 'massacre' just happened at the school but the workers in the background are dedicated.
Amber Sullivan
Wondering where the injured people disappeared to... 3 years later.
1:18 case closed lmao @ the construction worker,he must have heard them mentioning the bangs so he drops his hammer :))
Irma Arts
These children are horrible actors, but cute.
Not for nothing but I live in C.T and C.B.S stands for Connecticut Broadcasting System and a automated system calls when something bad or important happens
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melenkurion abatha
why would she assume it was the high school? the reporter is prompting her script.
Sandy Hook like Boston Bombings and 9/11 to name a few (911 in Roman Numerals is IXXI) was a FEMA Capstone Event.That needs the whole town involved with a gag order. I knew a very high official who was part of it. Now he is dead and I can talk about it. I don't care. The truth needs to come out. The nail in the coffin is the FBI report stating that NOBODY died in Newtown, Connecticut in 2012. Part of the strategy is called 'revealing the method'. The evil Fascist, Masonic Zionists don't really care if you debunk the hoax or not. They know and are so sure of their power that nothing can touch them. That's the unfortunate truth of it. It's CIA MK-Ultra at its finest. The trail to the ones in charge is heavily protected. Our gay President of the United States knows and is involved. They can, and will, always change the course of the story to their liking. They want to keep the public divided into two groups: The believers and the deniers of the event(s). So they start fighting each other. Thesis + Antithesis = Synthesis. There is more to come.The worst is to involve innocent souls of children in this madness. America, the land of the slaves. Mr. Halbig, I wish you wholeheartedly the best of success to reveal this atrocity and expose the truth and nothing but the truth to the world. May God bless you and America.
jumb wany
Kevin Turley,"the sooner guns are taken off your hands the better - Americans aren't responsible enough to handle anything more dangerous than a potato peeler" There are 100 million gun owners in the US and 11,000 murders by gun per year. That is 0.012% of gun owners use their gun to kill someone. If you read those numbers and come to the conclusion that American gun owners are not responsible with their guns, you need to go back to school and maybe study up on your math skills.
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