Dubstep Sucks. I Hate Dubstep. No, I'm Not "Closed Minded."





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Published on Apr 9, 2012

MAKE YOUR OWN DUBSTEP! YEAH! So easy a caveman can do it. http://remixer.clubcreate.com/v2/dubs...
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I think Dubstep sucks. I hate it. Do you want to know what I hate worse? Being called "closed-minded" by morons who forget that I've actually tried listening to it and gave it a shot. Imbeciles unwilling to accept that their favorite genre of bass-thumping music isn't as popular as they want it to be.

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Virtual Riot
The only thing that I think makes you "close minded" is the fact that you have no respect for dubstep producers. I for example don't like HipHop, Trap, etc. but most of the famous artists and / or producers in these genres have a certain amount of talent that I have respect for. And Skrillex for example has good knowledge of music theory and a lot of talent as a singer/songwriter as well as a mixing-engineer. I don't want you to like his music but I want you to respect the hard work he puts into it.
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Double D
So much butthurt in comments from people who can't handle the truth that dubstep sounds like robots taking a diarrhea dump.
The Night Stalker
Dubstep all sounds the same no skill just computers at best a fancy rip off of techno with more bass 
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Matthew O'Connor
I was playing on an online game last night, when someone kept turning on dubstep. I told them that it isn't real music, and they just replied "lmao no." I then turned on Billy Joel's We didn't start the fire, when they called it "hippie shet." After this, I asked why, when they told me it just did. So I had to tell them what the true meaning of the song was, (To describe history in a period of time) and asked if dubstep can do it. They told me it could, so they turned on something just repeating a transcript from the Apollo missions. So I replied back, this is just repeating something that happened I history, nit describing it. They told me, "Lol history doesn't matter" We got into a flame war, which was hard considering he was so close minded, but my sister came in. I told ber what was going on, and ahe gave me an idea. I told them, if history doesn't matter, we should just kill all the jews, right? Enslave all the blacks? Get polio? Well, close minded as they were, same reaponse. They just said every other subject of learning was important, even though you need history to get them. So I asked where english came from. He said latin. Then I asked where latin came from. He said spain. I asked where "spain" came from, and he replied "lol I don't speak spain.". This is when I had enough, because they weren't reaponding, so I told them I won, and everyone else agreed to it, so they raged and said "no we won lol" and spamed for ten minutes. The point is, dubstep fans are like this, and are close minded dumbasses. Go listen to some Queen or Elton Jon, not dubstep, aka downloading random sounds, shitting on your hardrive, chewing it up, and spitting it back in your computer. Thanks for reading. 
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Phil Zeppelin
dubstep is for idiots
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You do have a point, you're not close minded. You gave dubstep a chance and you didn't like it, fair enough. But your incessant need to shit your opinion everywhere is annoying and immature. People didn't unfriend you because you don't like Dubstep, they unfriended you because you're an annoying prick with a superiority complex. You telling people their music taste sucks is much more annoying than people defending their music choice when you attack it. For Christ's sake...
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yes, stating your own opinion as fact does makes you "close minded"
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This video made want to listen to dubstep, so I did and it was awesome.
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The first step to be a good youtuber Step 1: have a ear piercing shitty dubstep song for your intro...
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Ryley Chambers
Yay some one hates Dubstep besides me.
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