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Published on Jan 23, 2009

In this clip, cocky infidel Bill Maher gets owned by a calm, collected Christian using unassailable logic.

From the movie "Religulous"

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Romulus Rexus
so where is the part where he got owned? Moron 
Et tetri
Its not owned, maher was more like: Man, this guy is fucking retarded.
sebastian zegers
sarcasm, man. 
Stan B
Bill Maher owned? You guys are so profoundly delusional it's not even funny. No wonder why there are 16,379 negative votes and 3,737 positive votes. :)
+Anand Shinde +1
Crown Royal
This is the most sarcastic video title in the history of YouTube. 
Stephen Adams
Yeah, and if it's not, jesusfockingchrist is 50 shades of moron.
Oh, fuck. I find the lack of awareness in this thread worse than apologetic arguments. Guys, it's satire.
Matthew Van Helden
Out of all the dumb things Maher says an example where he's speaking about religion is a poor example because religion is infinately more stupid than Maher could ever be.
Matthew Van Helden
I didn't say he was stupid, I said he says dumb things but religion will always be dumber than the dumb things he says.
Bill is not stupid.
mike wiitala
Bill Maher transfixed by the righteous superiority of Ken Ham, as Ham explains that we understand god by our inability to understand god.
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Chris Collins
+Timothy Ramirez "Sir you are saying that there is no such as right or wrong." I don't remember saying anything of the sort. "When societies start deciding what is right and what is wrong, they fall apart because one person's right can be another persons wrong." ??? You have a problem with societies deciding on morals, but then you switch to individuals making up morals for themselves. Stay on topic please. Societies are made of many individuals who have to agree on how to live together. "The reason why most people in the world agree murder is wrong is because God told us it was in the Ten Commandments." So you don't think common people could have enough common sense to agree "y'know, we need to work together, and allowing indiscriminate killing isn't very productive to building a community. I mean, I don't want any harm to come to me and my family. I'm sure you don't either. So, murder is bad." Why is a god required to dispense such a simple concept? More likely, the concept that killing is bad was already well established, and when Judaism came along, they just put it in their book and said God came up with the idea. In order to give God some credibility as being wise. So profound. "That is why Hitler killed so many people, he didn't believe in God and so he justified murder in his mind." Seriously!!! Hitler was Catholic! I pulled this off of Brainyquotes.com: "As a Christian I have no duty to allow myself to be cheated, but I have the duty to be a fighter for truth and justice." --Adolf Hitler You may be right about the other guys but Hitler definitely believed in God, and he believed what he was doing was righteous. "Every law requires a law giver." As far as I see, only people make laws. But I thought you were talking about morals, not laws.
Chris Collins
+Timothy Ramirez So, you have a problem with society choosing what's right and wrong and you have a problem with individuals deciding what's right and wrong? Who else is left to decide what is right and wrong? God? Since I don't believe gods exist, I don't consider divine decree a viable option. And I don't think I ever said individuals choose what is right or wrong for themselves, so your "according to atheist" argument seems like a straw man. Individuals living in a society collectively agree on what is right and wrong for everyone in that the society. That's what I meant. Who else can make that choice? And I'm not just talking about governments, just to clarify. Governments make laws to maintain order, but those laws could run contrary to what society believes to be right and wrong. "If society decided that murder is fine would you kill someone?" Do you mean kill someone just because I don't like him/her? No. I don't hate anyone enough to want to kill them. Why would society decide that murder is fine? If anyone within a society can just kill whomever they want for any reason and get away with it, the society would fall apart. People who did not wish to die would move to a society in which everyone agreed that killing on a whim is unacceptable. Or do you mean murder in a specific context? "No sir we do not have authorization to choose things for ourselves." Really, you don't make choices? I was speaking very broadly here. I didn't say we choose what is right and wrong. Though, we do compare our own desires to society's norm of what is right and wrong, and we can choose to act with or against that norm. That's how we know if we're doing something good or bad.
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M McQuarrie
That's Ken Ham that Maher is talking to, one of the most intellectually dishonest, anti-science walking advertisement for contraception around today. Ham's whole argument is one of ignorance and idiocy. Essential it boils down to "my god is right because it is my god."
Andrew Lohbihler
That is nonsense. Ken Ham will never ever in his lowly life present evidence of a god.
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matty stuart
Astro Physics im sure the disciples of Jesus who died for their belief and stood by their words whatever they faced had no doubts what they saw God do through Jesus. They died to spread the word about Jesus. And today it has spread throughout the whole globe
Adrian Brent
+Joon Yi Huh? ok. You lost me. What would be proof again that exceeds your level of doubt, to believe,.
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Daria Morgendorffer
This has got to be the most sarcastic video in the history of YouTube.
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