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La Réserve Spéciale d'Ankarana (Madagascar)

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Pubblicato il 28 set 2006

Visit of / Visite de / Besuch von / Visita de / Chiamata di /
Ankarana (Madagascar)

La Réserve spéciale d'Ankarana fait partie du réseau d'aires protégées de Madagascar. Elle est située à 150 km au sud de Diego Suarez et 30 km au nord d'Ambilobe.
Ce parc national est une réserve pour les crocodiles (animaux sacrés), chauve souris, oiseaux (dont le Mésite varié, l'oiseau le plus rare du monde), lémuriens, serpents. Il est composé d'une forêt caducifolée, d'orchidées aériennes et de végétation rupicole.

Ankarana Reserve is a small vegetated plateau in northern Madagascar with elevations that exceed 1220 meters (4000 feet) above sea level. It is composed of 150-million-year-old limestone.[1] With an average annual rainfall of 1,800 millimeters (70 inches),the underlying rocks are susceptible to erosion, thereby producing caves and underground streams—a karst topography. The rugged relief and the dense vegetation have helped protect the region from human intrusion.
The plateau slopes gently to the east, but on the west it ends abrubtly in the "Wall of Ankarana", a sheer cliff that extends 25 km (15 miles) north to south, and rises as high as 280 m (920 feet).[1] To the south, the limestone mass breaks up into separate spires known as tower karst. In the center of the plateau, eons of rainfall have dissolved the limestone away in deep gorges, and sometimes redeposited it in ribbons of flowstone. In places where the chalky upper layers have been completely eroded, the harder base rock has been etched into channels and ridges known as tsingy

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