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Published on Feb 9, 2010

Campaign video by Richard Curtis and Bill Nighy, about the Robin Hood Tax, a tiny tax on bank transactions that could raise hundreds of billions for public services and to tackle poverty and climate change at home and around the world. Add your own voice to the campaign at http://www.robinhoodtax.org.uk

This film was made with the support of the European Commission: http://ec.europa.eu/unitedkingdom/

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This is incredibly deceptive. They make it seem as if this is a tax of only a few pennies per transaction but that is completely incorrect! Let's take you average, work from home day-trader. He has a small account size of $25,000 and he trades from home to make a living for his family. Let's say he trades the S&P500 E-mini contracts which are highly leveraged, meaning he only has to have $500 of cash in his account to trade 1 contract. Each contract, however, is in reality worth over $80,000. That means that a tax of .05% equates to $40, per contract, per trade. That's about the standard profit target of many day traders. That will be on top of the commissions of about $5 per trade. And that will be applied whether he makes any money or loses money. So right out of the gate, the day trader is down $45, if the market goes against him by just 1 tic, he will lose $57 immediately.  Bankers need to pay, there is no doubt, but this will have much different consequences that you aren't being told about in this video.
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You've got red on you.
Shayne Jones
Yeah! And like all taxes to "help the poor", "cure global warming", etc, etc, ad nauseam if you believe it then I have a bridge in NY to sell you. Taxes only ever benefit the ruling class and their constituent bureaucracies. This is only about the 4 millionth "good idea for creating a tax" that I've heard in my lifetime. Oh! and if you believe that climate change is man-made, then you are truly an idiot.
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People keep saying they hate the banks, well guess what, you could destroy them overnight. Put your money into local building societies, local credit unions. Do that and the banking system would collapse.
Fund Climate Change - the video loses credibility right there. It was Global Warming but since they started talking about that fraud the world is getting cooler. The polar ice caps cyclically expand and retreat - what is happening is nothing new. So now they call it climate change. Could be something to do with chem trails and HAARP. Could be there is no climate change at all. Just another con to extract the last drops of blood from the people.
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Dolores Du Bois
Sounds good to me!
this is a horrible idea, that over time would destroy RothIRA, IRA, and 401ks.  all this tax would do is create more hidden fees past down to pensioners.  anyone that would propose and or support this kind of tax knows nothing about business nor the markets. 
Vaska X Tumir
Stunning acting!! That's why I respect Bill Nighy - one of the best actors in my book.
Glenn Edward
This is bollocks. Please spend a couple of hours at least reading the opposing view on this tax with an open mind to its full effects before jumping on the band wagon.
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