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World of Crendor: WoW Forums, Ground Mounts, Summoner Ability Changes, + More!





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Uploaded on Nov 12, 2011

Episode thirteen of World of Crendor, where I answer your questions about WoW, League of Legends, and gaming stuff. Submit questions to

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  1. 1

    World of Crendor: Bookcraft, Nerds, Draenor and MORE

  2. 2

    World of Crendor: Blizzcon Recap and Thoughts

  3. 3

    World of Crendor: Video Creation, Ikea, Negative Comments, and More!

  4. 4

    World of Crendor: WoW Subs Drop, 10th Anniversary Events, WoD Beta Impressions and More!

  5. 5

    World of Crendor: Big WoW Movie, WoD Beta Thoughts, My own NPC and More!

  6. 6

    World of Crendor: Thoughts on WoD Alpha, Cox n Crendor, Inspiration, and More!

  7. 7

    World of Crendor: Nothing to do in WoW, New WoD Features, Co-op with friends, and more!

  8. 8

    World of Crendor: Flying in WoD, Youtube Fights, Cox n Crendor and More

  9. 9

    World of Crendor: Blizzcon Prices, Wildstar AGAIN, WoD Alpha Notes, and more!

  10. 10

    World of Crendor: WoW Changing, Channel Update, Wildstar, and More!

  11. 11

    World of Crendor: Patreon, My Fridge, Movies, Personal Life, and More!

  12. 12

    World of Crendor: 90 Boosted Character Choice, Fishing with Crendor, Jobs, and More!

  13. 13

    World of Crendor: Music, 3DS XL, Networks, Blood Bowl, and More More!

  14. 14

    World of Crendor: Making Vidyas, Orc vs WIld, Motvation, and more!

  15. 15

    World of Crendor: Dream Job, Do I Lift, Podcast, LoL Champions, and More!

  16. 16

    World of Crendor: More Twitter/FB Questions!

  17. 17

    World of Crendor: Everquest Next, Final WoD Boss, Heroes of the Storm, Meeting Youtubers

  18. 18

    World of Crendor: Machinima School, Crendor Origination, Being a Youtuber, and More!

  19. 19

    World of Crendor: Buying 90s, Discussing Warlords of Draenor, and More!

  20. 20

    World of Crendor: Answering the Facebookz and Twitterz

  21. 21

    Wowcrendor's Mists of Pandaria Thoughts

  22. 22

    World of Crendor: Youtube Edition

  23. 23

    World of Crendor: Leaving/Returning to WoW, Messaging me, Truth Rage, Philosophy Time

  24. 24

    World of Crendor: IT'S BACK! Angry People, Video Game Art, Support Champs, Motivation, + More!

  25. 25

    World of Crendor Ep 23: Rise of Crendor, City Changes, Magma Chamber, Esports, + More!

  26. 26

    World of Crendor: Episode 22 - Rapid Fire Questions

  27. 27

    World of Crendor: WoW Role Difficulty, Warcraft Lore, Support Champs, and More!

  28. 28

    World of Crendor: WoW Difficulty, Guild System, LoL Champions, Have a 'life'

  29. 29

    World of Crendor: Boring Professions, WoW Nostalgia, LoL Achievements, More!

  30. 30

    World of Crendor: Pandaria Talents, Leveling, Spouse Gaming, Go Guy Info, + More!

  31. 31

    World of Crendor: Pokemon in WoW, LoL missions, Going outside, + More!

  32. 32

    World of Crendor: WoW Patch 4.3, Pandaria Hype, Starting at LoL, Anime + More!

  33. 33

    World of Crendor: WoW Marketing, Pandaria Villain, LoL Sportsmanship, Dealing With Hate

  34. 34

    World of Crendor: Game Ideas, Pandaria Beta, 6300IP Champs, PC Building, My Name!

  35. World of Crendor: WoW Forums, Ground Mounts, Summoner Ability Changes, + More!

  36. 36

    World of Crendor: WoW vs GW2, Dungeon/Instance Entrances, and MOBA Games

  37. 37

    World of Crendor: Mists of Pandaria, Guardian Cub, LoL Champ Design, Skyrim, WoW Char's

  38. 38

    World of Crendor: PvP Ignored, Flying in Azeroth, LoL Leaver Buff, More!

  39. 39

    World of Crendor: WoW Graphics, Achievement Psychology, LoL Rune Pages, Makin WoW Vids

  40. 40

    World of Crendor: Vanilla WoW servers, Raidings a job, Dominion Strats, RTS games

  41. 41

    World of Crendor: Talents, Firelands Nerfs, Leaving LoL games, My Comp specs, +more!

  42. 42

    World of Crendor: HP/Mana numbers, Roleplay, Ranked vs Unranked, Getting Ideas, Theeya

  43. 43

    World of Crendor: Vanilla WoW, Rushed Expansion, Elo Hell, Real Money AH!

  44. 44

    World of Crendor: Raid Finder, Casual vs Hardcore, LoL Champion Balance + More!

  45. 45

    World of Crendor: Transmogrification, Boring Azeroth, LoL Champion Prices, + More!

  46. 46

    World of Crendor Ep 2: WoW F2P, Guild Halls, LoL vs HoN, Guild Wars 2!

  47. 47

    World of Crendor Ep 1: WoW Sub Loss, LoL Dominion, How I got started!

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