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Published on Jun 26, 2012

J-"Hey dude." joe said interrupting my toughts
B-"Hey." i said snapping out of it.
J-"What were you thinking about?"
B-Nothing really." i shrugged
J-"Ok then." he sat down on the couch next to me
B-"hey joe?" i found myself asking after a while
B-Youre good friends with indiana?"
J'Yeah she's my best friend, why?" he raised an eyebrow at me
B-"Is she like..single?"
J-"yeah. why?"
B-"Just wondering." i shrugged and then the bell rang "Gotta go." i stood up and found myself walking in the wrong direction.

It was the break between the last period and I was standing by my locker getting my books out for my next class. My locker was nothing special, just a tiny mirror and A few pictures. One picture was of the girls and me, the other one of selena and me, and the last one was of all of us. That was my favorite picture because I was standing next to brenton and he had his arm around me, and even though he had no clue that had made me die inside.

I took my books out,which were both heavy and then took out my matching binder. I decided to take a look in the mirror to check that i was ok, i never really knew if i was going to run into Brenton. I looked in the mirror and smiled at my reflection, many people complimented my eyes but I didn't think that they were anything special. I was looking in the mirror when I spotted someone who i wasn't expecting to see. Brenton was standing right behind me. I quickly turned around, closing my locker with my free hand, and I bet I looked absolutely nervous. He had definitely taken me by surprise.

i-"u-uh h-hey." i whispered at him
B-"Hey indi" he smiled at me with his freaking perfect white teeth. I swear that that smile makes me melt every single time.
I-"What are you doing you?"
B-"You know.." he shrugged "Just passing by, and I saw you here." he smiled again
I-"Oh." i said much too quietly
B-"What class do you have next?"
I-"English" I told him and i was about to ask his but he stopped me
B-"come on, i'll walk you to class." he smiled, and I felt the butterflies begin to fly inside me.
I-"You sure? what class do you have?"
I-"Brenton, do you realize that thats on the other side of campus?"
B-"Yeah." he shrugged and I smiled, oh my God he was going to walk me to class
I-"You're gonna be late."
B-Whatever" he shrugged once more and reached out to me to grab my books "Here, let me help." he smiled as he took them
I-"You really don't have t-"
B-"I want to." he smiled as we began to walk
I-"Thanks." i smiled with a blush, i probably looked like a fool with all this excitement
B-"So you're going to the movies right?"
I-Yep, can't wait."
B-"i can't either." he smiled
I-"The movie looks good."
B-Yep." he looked at me as we reached the classroom. "We're here." he said and began to walk in the classroom
I-"Where are you going"
B-"I'm going to put your books on your desk." he smiled as he placed them on the desk "There you go." he smiled at me again
I-"Thanks brenton." I smiled shyly and I was sure I was blushing
B-"See you around."he was about to walk out but then stopped "You have hair covering your eyes." he slowly pulled the strand of hair behind my ear "There." he smiled, i really think I'm going to pass out right now.
I-"Thanks." i said again and smiled widely, blushing.
B-"We don't want hair to cover those beautiful eyes do we?" he told me with a smile before waking out and leaving me there lovestruck.

It was after school now and I was heading to joe's house. Indiana had told me to meet her there because she wanted to tell us both something. We were her best friend's and she usually told us stuff at the same time. She told me she was going to tell miley and demi later, because they were with liam and she didn't want him to find out. I reached the jonas house and rang the doorbell, waiting for someone to open. I was taken back when I saw nick open the door, wearing shorts and a really sweaty white t-shirt that traced his abs perfectly.

N-"Hey prom queen." he told me, and i could tell he was as surprised as I was
S-Uh hey." i said and raised my eyebrow at him. why did he call me prom queen?
N-"What brings you here?" he said as he shut the door behind me
S-"Indiana told me to meet her here."
N-"Oh she isn't here yet, but joe's upstairs." he told me and took a seat on the couch
S-"Oh ok." I said and looked at my hands, not wanting to stare at his abs
N-"So want anything to drink or something?"
S-No thanks, I'm fine." i smiled politely
N-"You can take a seat you know." he patted the spot next to his and i hesitatently walked over and was about to seat when Joe walked down the stairs.
J-"Oh hey sel! i didn't know you were here! lets go upstairs if you want, indiana's on her way."
S-"sure" I walked over to him, giving nick a small nod before walking up the stairs


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